“Exclaimer Auto Responder is a well thought out, comprehensive, and effective product”Nathan Winters, Microsoft MVP

The Best Auto Reply Software for Microsoft Exchange

You combine static text, graphics and automatically completed dynamic fields to build your auto reply. Then you define the conditions that trigger it - all email to a specific address or members of a particular group maybe. Then you click 'Save' and you're done.

Use our Template Editor product to let non-IT staff create templates for emails without accessing the Auto Responder software on your Exchange server, instead they can use Template Editor on any PC and edit/create designs from their desk.

​Exclaimer Auto Responder handles all this and much much more. It's the most flexible Exchange auto reply software you can buy - Auto Responder from Exclaimer, try it free.

Built on Rules

Rules let you combine conditions and exceptions to define exactly when our Exchange auto-reply software takes action.

You can base rules on attributes of the message, like key words or phrases in the body or subject. You can use the sender or recipient's email address or even properties from their Active Directory profile - like Group or OU membership or even specific attributes like Manager or a custom attribute that you've defined.

You combine rules and reply template to create a policy. You can then set options on the policy like whether to deliver original message or whether to include an attachment on the reply.

You can create as many policies as you want and you can even specify time periods during which they operate. You get absolute control.

We don't hesitate in recommending Exclaimer products to our customers.- Paul Davrinche, Eliade

With Totally Flexible Content

​Your auto response is built using the same powerful template technology that our industry leading email signature software products use. That means you can combine static text, graphical images and dynamic fields to get just the result you need

Dynamic fields get filled from the sender or recipient's Active Directory profile - like their Forename or elements of the original message such as the subject and the body. You can even add external data such as content from your blog. And you can use the same dynamic field technology to build the exact message subject you require - such as adding Re: to the original subject.

Take all this together and you can create an auto reply that looks just like you manually typed it up in Outlook - we even give you a template that achieves just this.

And More

Because Auto Responder comes pre-built with the ability to modify the content and destination of an email as well as automatically generate a new email in response, there are a whole bunch of things you can achieve beyond auto replies.

Modify the recipient and don't generate a new message and you have email forwarding or journaling. Generate a new message but to a specific recipient and not the original sender and you have a notification system. The possibilities are endless.

We've given you a simple Scenario Wizard to get you going with a standard set of requirements - like auto replies, message redirection and sender modification for times when you want email from sales team to go out as as 'sales@yourdomain.com' whoever sent it.

We're sure we didn't cover all the possibilities - maybe you have one we didn't think of.

What Next?

Learn more from the resources on this site and when you're ready, you can download Auto Responder for a free, fully featured and fully supported trial.

Exclaimer products are installed in thousands of networks all over the world processing millions of emails per day in some of the largest organizations on the planet. We know our products work for them and we’re sure they'll work for you.

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