“Exclaimer products should be a standard option for everyone with Exchange”Wayne Kenward, Blue Profile

Cost Effective Archiving for Microsoft Exchange

Exclaimer Mail Archiver is a great new email archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange that gives you all the business and compliance benefits of email archiving without the setup and running costs that are usually associated.

Our Exchange archiving software is remarkably easy to install and configure, does not require any specialist skills to manage and will run on low cost hardware without the need to deploy and manage complex and expensive relational database packages. Try it for free.

Easy To Deploy, Easy to Own

Exclaimer Mail Archiver is built from three components that can be installed on a single computer to provide the simplest and lowest cost solution or scaled out to meet the specific cost/performance needs of your organization.

Journal Access

We configure standard Exchange Journaling to deliver copies of all emails sent and received by your organization to a journal mailbox. Our Journal Access Service reads all emails from this mailbox and writes them into our Archive Store for indexing and access. It then deletes them from the journal mailbox. This process uses Microsoft’s Exchange Web Services component and so our Exchange archiving software works well for both on-premise and hosted Exchange installations.


Mail Archiver

Storage Options

Archive Store

Our Archive Store is a proprietary indexed store optimized for the specific needs of email archiving. Competitors often require you to install third party relational database products such as SQL server. These products have high prices and costly system requirements and they need specialist skills to care for them.

Email archiving solutions grow by definition - you get plenty of email and you want to keep it for a long time, that's why you need an archive. The store technology in our Exchange archiving software is based upon an indexed set of flat files that can be maintained across a variety of storage options, including The Cloud, and simply reconfigured at any time. This makes both day-to-day living and managing inevitable growth as easy as possible.

However large it grows, our email archiving solution will continue to perform. We've designed it to scale well into the Terabytes while maintaining search performance and scalability. It does - we've tested it.

With Exclaimer Archiver we now have a reliable, stable and very cost efficient solution.- Thomas Toftdal, Novenco A/S

Web Service and Clients

Users can access the email archive either through a fully featured and integrated Outlook Add-In or two styles of web interface. We provide a simple style for phones and tablets and a more powerful one that provides a wealth of features to make the search process as rapid and simple as possible.

What Next?

Learn more from the resources on this website or attend one of our regular webinars on Exchange archiving software. When you're ready, you can download Mail Archiver for a free, fully featured and fully supported trial.

Exclaimer products are installed in thousands of networks all over the world processing millions of emails per day in some of the largest organizations on the planet. We know our products work for them and we’re sure they'll work for you.

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