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Centralize Your Email Signatures

Create a signature template using text, images and dynamic fields. Use rules to assign different signatures to different people. Click 'Save' and you're done.

Signature Manager Outlook Edition, our Outlook signature software solution creates email signatures and distributes them to each user so they get the right signatures for their role with their details dynamically completed from the Active Directory. When they start writing an email, the right signature's automatically added below their message as they type. You can give users multiple signatures so they can even manually select the one they want from Outlook's drop-down menu.

I would recommend this product to any other organization- DeLong, Caldwell, Bridgers & Fitzpatrick, L.L.C.

Install it on any Windows machine in your network – PC or server – maybe on a computer in the marketing department, so they can create and update signatures without calling on IT.

Signature Manager Outlook Edition is our award winning Outlook signature software solution used by thousands of organizations of every size and sector around the world. Try it for free.

Whatever Your Outlook

Signature Manager Outlook Edition will centrally create, control and deploy signatures for all popular versions of Outlook from 2003 onwards – including OWA. You don't need Exchange and it supports Office 365 users.

And if you're worried about mobile users with tablets and smartphones who can't use Outlook then don't be. Our Signature Manager Exchange Edition product serves their needs perfectly and anyone buying Signature Manager Outlook Edition can get a license to use Exchange Edition at half the usual cost.

Signature Manager Outlook Edition will centrally create, control and deploy signatures for all popular versions of Outlook from 2003 onwards – including OWA and OWA for iOS (iPhones and iPads). You don't need Exchange and it supports Office 365 users.

Using Rules

Rules let you define exactly which users get which signatures. Combine conditions that the user must meet such as 'is a member of the Sales OU' with exceptions that they must not, such as: 'is not a member of the Company Director Distribution Group' to create powerful rules.

Rules get combined with signature templates to create policies. That means you can arrange for a user to have any number of signatures and let them choose the one that's appropriate to the email they're working on. Maybe you want the Sales Director to be able to select one of the Sales team's promotional signatures as well as the one appropriate to her position on the board.

You can even set up a campaign policy to add a banner to your signature for a specific period – to promote a seasonal sale or explain irregular working hours during a holiday. It's all possible with our powerful rules system.

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With Images, Text and Dynamic Fields

You combine static text like labels with images like your corporate logo and add dynamic data like sender's name or job title to create a template.

Dynamic fields get filled out with data from the user's Active Directory profile like department, job title and phone number. You can also add data from an external source like your blog or Twitter feed.

We provide smart tables to hide a dynamic field if the sender has no data to go in it – so you avoid an unnecessary label beside a blank cell phone number.

You also get a number of compound fields that let you conveniently manage commonly used blocks of fields such as postal address or a social media icon strip as a single entity.

What Next?

Learn more from the resources on this website or attend one of our regular webinars on email signature software. When you're ready, you can download Signature Manager Outlook Edition for a free, fully featured and fully supported trial.

Signature Manager is installed in thousands of networks all over the world, distributing millions of signatures per day in some of the largest organizations on the planet. We know it works for them and we’re sure it will work for you.

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