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Announcing New Exclaimer Brand & Product Portfolio

May 3, 2022

We’re excited to announce the new and improved Exclaimer brand, complete with a new brand and a range of innovative products. This further enhances our position as the global leader in email signature management solutions, while simultaneously marking a new chapter for us at Exclaimer.

Turning the end of every email into a valuable new beginning

Exclaimer has always been known for email signature management. Our solutions are built for centrally imprinting the right email signature template with the correct branding. This core proposition has served us well since our inception and has led our company to grow significantly not just in size but in terms of what we offer. This has been particularly true over the last three years, where we have doubled our global user base.

The scale of what we offer has transformed substantially since the very early days of Exclaimer. The email signature management space is now more competitive. More organizations than ever understand the importance of centrally managing their corporate email signatures. And marketing professionals see the email signature as a new digital advertising channel.

We understood that to maintain our position as the market leader in email signature solutions, we needed to evolve who we are and what we do. With this in mind, we felt it was the perfect time to update the Exclaimer brand identity, refresh it, and offer much more than what we currently offer our customers.

A new look Exclaimer brand

The new Exclaimer brand redefines how we present ourselves to the wider world. It showcases our business vision. It highlights what we stand for. It enhances our identity. And it marks an evolution of Exclaimer as a company. We’re sure you’ll agree that our new identity is much more dynamic and exciting than our previous branding.

Our website now has a much more modern, cleaner look that delivers rich new content. With a much more straightforward navigation and faster site speed, our website lets you get all the information you need as easily as possible.

With the new Exclaimer brand also comes a new mission. This is why we’re moving beyond just offering centralized email signature management. We are now on a mission to fundamentally redefine what email signatures can do for an organization. We believe that companies of all sizes can harness the email signature as a new marketing channel once they have centralized control.

This is so you can “turn the end of every email into a valuable new beginning”. After all, people always remember a good ending, from a movie to business email communications. That’s why the end of an email is the perfect space for inviting people to a product demonstration, asking for customer feedback, scheduling appointments, promoting your latest special offer, and so much more. Every email ending can truly make a lasting impression on every recipient.

With this in mind, we’re now offering two brand-new products so you can truly take your email signatures to the next level. These are in addition to what we currently offer with our Exclaimer Cloud solution, which has now been renamed Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud.

Introducing Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive new solution that lets an organization unlock the true marketing potential of your corporate email signatures.

In what is a world first, Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud also allows you to measure the monetary value of running email signature campaigns with the new Exclaimer Signature Equivalent Advertising Value™ (EAV) Calculator. This metric unique to email signature management quantifies the value of advertising and messaging placed in the signature templates of an organization’s business email messages.

Some of the other exciting new features of Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud include:

  • Get a real-time view of the key performance metrics for your email signatures from impressions, click-throughs, best performing signatures, EAV, and more.
  • See how email signatures are being deployed across your organization showing mailboxes under management, old templates that need to be updated, send rates, etc.
  • Rotate different email signature marketing campaigns across different audience segments.
  • Schedule email signature marketing campaigns with advanced options such as applying certain templates during working hours or for seasonal events.
  • Allow users to manage specific contact information in their email signatures to include data such as gender pronouns and working hours without having to update your Active Directory/Google Directory.

Power up your email signatures

On top of Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud, we’ve also launched a new ‘Power Up’. This provides additional features designed to improve recipient engagement through professional email signatures to drive customer satisfaction and improve Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up

The Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up allows you to embed customer feedback buttons into email signature templates. It also surfaces important sales and marketing intelligence to achieve customer retention objectives.

Any real-time feedback can then be used to inform all manner of business improvements, including the customer experience itself.

A new beginning for Exclaimer

With a new product portfolio and refreshed Exclaimer brand identity, we’ve once again shown why we are the market leaders in the email signature management category. We are intent on redefining what you can do with email signatures beyond central control and untapping the value of personalized emails for our customers.

It’s been an amazing journey to get to this stage of our company’s journey, and we are more than ready for this next stage. Plenty more is coming on our product roadmap, so keep an eye on the horizon for all Exclaimer-related news.

Visit the Exclaimer website now and get a free trial of our new products. Or reach out to us directly if you have any questions.

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