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The Role of Email Signatures in Delivering a Consistent Brand Experience

June 30, 2021

Email communication has significant advantages; its ability to deliver data and documents efficiently and allowing senders to reach thousands of people at once.

However, the channel is renowned for lacking a touch of personality and dynamism, particularly when it comes to brand. This is when compared with real-life conversation or even instant messaging platforms. And this is reflected by recent data.

It can be a challenge delivering the right tone through email, especially when sending to large mailing lists. Unfortunately, some interactions can leave recipients with an underwhelming impression of a company's brand before any trust can be established.

Here, we’ll take a look at how businesses can use email signatures to deliver a consistent brand experience and better engage customers.

Help users along

Modern customers simply don’t have time to have to trawl websites for key information. So, businesses have a responsibility to make this process as effortless as possible.

Email signatures – while being the perfect place to boast company accolades – are also a convenient place to provide shortcuts to useful information and high-traffic website pages.

For example, an e-commerce customer service team might choose to place links to FAQ or returns policy pages to streamline the transaction process and speed up customer response times.

Social media is often a haven for company news, highlights and, in some cases, the latest deals. Links to these are crucial too. Not only does this help build a rapport with customers, giving them an informal place to engage with the brand; it also helps drive brand loyalty.

Add a personal touch

After over a year of communication being relegated to digital channels thanks to COVID-19, be it instant messages or emails, many of us miss the personal touch of face-to-face conversation.

Email signatures can help bridge the gap between a sender and a recipient, helping to make an interaction more personalized and memorable.

For example, including a headshot in your email signature puts a friendly face to a name. A photo can also include links to personal pages like ‘Meet the Team’ or LinkedIn profiles. This helps develop meaningful connections between business and client.

Give people their say

Customer feedback is the foundation of improving quality deliverables.

So, failing to understand the needs of your clients almost certainly guarantees an abrupt end to your business relationship.

Email signatures provide an opportunity to let recipients voice concerns, offer praise or simply ask questions.

Consider including 1-click surveys, customer feedback boxes, and simple traffic-light performance indicators in your email signatures. These help respondents feel heard and gives businesses the chance to gain crucial feedback at every stage of the user journey.

A uniformed offering

As we know, the role of modern email signatures is vital. Even more so is delivering a consistent brand experience across all business emails. Both of these build trust and authority among customers.

Whether it be for legal or marketing purposes, different departments often have personalized email signatures. For example, a sales department might be looking to push a marketing-focused signature including advertising products. A legal department, however, might use signatures with a minimalist design focused on their email disclaimer.

Manually changing email signatures to suit the needs of different departments is not only inefficient in time and cost; it also delivers an inconsistent brand experience.

At Exclaimer, we excel at solutions that centralize email signatures in an intuitive platform. Having a centralized system allows businesses to roll out consistent email signature templates featuring key branding assets while allowing each department the freedom to customize the remaining elements of their signature, for example adding a personal photo or social media link.

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