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A Deep Dive into Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud and Turning Email Signatures into a Powerful New Marketing Channel

June 23, 2022

Many marketing professionals want to own the email signature channel. Even though IT admins historically have been in charge of all email signature updates, they’re not the key stakeholders or the ones demanding that changes be made. In fact, IT just wants email signature updates to be easy so the team can focus on other tasks.

Our new email signature solution, Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud, is perfect for eliminating the burden of email signature updates on IT and handing control over to marketeers. This allows email signatures to be transformed into new opportunities for promoting messages, engaging across social media, sharing awards, and establishing your brand’s personality. This means you can finally take full advantage of the opportunity the real estate within emails represents.

Why use email signatures as a digital marketing channel?

As Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud ensures an organization’s email signatures conform across the board, marketing teams can accomplish so much more within this new digital marketing channel.

Reach a large audience

  • Email remains a vital communications channel for businesses, which is why email signatures represent an easy means of presenting your key messages to a large audience.
  • The size of your audience organically scales with the size of your organization; the more people sending emails, the greater the marketing opportunity.

Simple targeting & segmentation

Run marketing campaigns with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud
  • All email is created with an individual or group of recipients in mind; this immediately aligns to the need to target marketing messages to their intended audience.
  • Multiple email signatures can be created for different segments containing suitable promotional content.

Valued & personal

  • Trust influences all digital marketing; email signatures represent a means to covertly add marketing messages to trusted business correspondence and be more effective at engaging their intended audience.
  • Personal emails sent from individuals containing bespoke content are more likely to be opened and read when compared to standard marketing emails with a typical open rate of 21%.

Cost effective

  • Email signature marketing represents a cost-effective means to share promotional messages at a low CPM (cost per thousand).
  • The ROI of email signature marketing is high when compared with other digital advertising due to high engagement and low cost. Exclaimer calculates this as the Equivalent Advertising Value statistic.

The benefits of Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Simple delivery of email signature consistency

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud provides the means to ensure email signatures conform on every message sent. Email signature design takes place in a drag-and-drop designer that requires no HTML skills to use.

Once a signature design is completed, configuring the template for deployment is achieved using easily understood yet powerful settings.

User information management

Deliver email signature marketing campaigns with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud integrates with your user directory (Active Directory or Google Directory) to automatically pull contact information stored there daily.

The solution also offers additional ways to manage user information that are more customizable.

Employees can fill in specific contact details themselves within a secure and simple to use portal. Alternatively, CSV files can be used to update user information in bulk, making it easy to establish new details such as gender pronouns, working hours or next holiday period.

Intelligent marketing campaign control

With Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud, it is simple to establish as many signatures as are required. For example, email signature designs can be split across your organization based upon an employee’s role, location, or language.

You can then target email signature messaging towards the right audience. Finally, Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud benefits from granular scheduling controls, ensuring that every email signature works in tandem with your core marketing campaigns.

Analytics and insights

Tracking the effectiveness of your email signature is imperative. Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud includes two analytics dashboards for tracking how the solution is performing at achieving signature consistency and the engagement rates of your messaging.

Metrics tracked include:

  • Total emails sent
  • Total email signatures applied
  • Total emails sent by day/hour
  • Age of email signatures
  • Total number of email signature views
  • Total number of clicks generated by signature
  • Total number of clicks generated by banner
  • Exclaimer Signature Equivalent Advertising Value

Enhanced promotional banners

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud allows for multiple promotional images and hyperlinks in every email signature design. Rules can establish which of several associated banners are applied.

This ensures all evergreen messages remain in rotation, even during time-specific campaigns, and allows you to A/B test banner designs by tracking their specific click-rates.

Access to further Power Ups

Purchase our Power Up to further enhance your email signatures. Designs can include additional elements to engage your audience in new ways:

Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up – use 1-click surveys to obtain real-time feedback from recipients.

To learn more about all the powerful benefits of Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud and try it yourself, visit the Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud product page.

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