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The Big Benefits of Using Exclaimer for Microsoft Exchange Email Signatures

July 20, 2022

Are you migrating to Microsoft 365 (Office 365)? Or are you continuing to use an on-premises environment but would like a richer feature-set than your current Microsoft Exchange email signature software provides?

Exclaimer's cloud based email signature software offers a new way to manage and create email signatures for organizations using Microsoft Exchange: an intuitive web interface for non-IT departments to take complete control of an organization’s corporate signatures.

This removes the need for IT teams to be involved in day-to-day Microsoft Exchange email signature management, as well as unlocking powerful features unavailable in Exclaimer’s on-premises Signature Manager software.

It is also the only on-premises email signature management solution that can be seamlessly migrated to Office 365, future-proofing an organization should it decide to move to the cloud at a later date.

The benefits of using Exclaimer for Microsoft Exchange email signature management

Exclaimer's email signature software provides all of the features and functionality of Exclaimer’s cloud solutions irrespective of which Microsoft technology an organization is using, e.g. on-premises Exchange, hybrid Exchange, Exchange Online, etc. The only requirement to use this solution is for an organization’s local Active Directory to be synchronized and configured with Azure AD.

Using Exclaimer for Microsoft Exchange email signature management

Easy to use, intuitive user interface

  • Control all Microsoft Exchange email signature templates from any web-enabled device with the easy-to-use cloud portal.
  • Easily design signatures using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, requiring no coding or HTML skills
  • Retain control over email delivery through just using internal systems – emails only pass via Exclaimer for imprinting, not the mail flow.

Get the best of both worlds

  • Take advantage of having a solution that offers both server and client level deployments of Microsoft Exchange email signatures.
  • Enable users to see their signature when composing emails in the Outlook client on PCs or Macs and when using the OWA client. This allows for a more traditional end-user experience.
  • Be assured that Microsoft Exchange email signatures are applied securely during mail flow to all emails regardless of which device the email is sent from.

Grant controlled access to non-IT teams

  • Empower users with less IT proficiency to get more directly involved in Microsoft Exchange email signature management.
  • Let the IT department focus on other day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Allow specified users to manage signatures for different parts of the organization (e.g. country-specific marketing teams can each manage their own country’s signatures).
  • Group signatures into folders with restricted access and rules, ensuring signatures are applied to the correct users.

Automatic feature updates

  • Enjoy regular new feature releases with no software updates required. These are automatically applied with no service downtime. Our on-premises software is no longer supported and will receive no updates.
  • Utilize exclusive Power Ups that allow you to enhance your Microsoft Exchange email signatures with 1-click surveys.

Microsoft 365 ready

  • Easily migrate to Office 365, providing a future-proof solution – when you decide to migrate to the cloud, your email signatures will transition seamlessly with you.
  • Connect Microsoft Exchange email signatures to on-premises and cloud mailboxes without fear of signature duplication: Exclaimer's email signature software also works with organizations using hybrid mail flow.

The technical requirements

  • Azure Active Directory configured and synchronized to your local AD
  • Exchange 2019, 2016, or 2013 running the latest Cumulative Updates (CU)
  • Windows Server 2012 and up
  • Powershell 4 and .Net Framework 4.7.2. installed

How does Exclaimer work in a Microsoft Exchange environment

Exclaimer uses an Exchange Transport Agent that is installed directly onto your Exchange server. This acts as a “gateway” to our solution, allowing Microsoft Exchange email signatures to be imprinted on your messages.

Once you sign up, the latest version of the Exchange Transport Agent can be downloaded via the Exclaimer Portal with the necessary API keys. You can have as many API keys as required, although it is suggested to have only one that can be utilized on any number of Exchange Servers.

The Exchange Transport Agent will log all key events to the Windows Event Viewer, providing transparency and control over all email signature activity

What's next?

Whether you're migrating to Microsoft 365 or wish to continue using on-premises Exchange, choosing Exclaimer's cloud based email signature software comes with many benefits.

If you’re ready to try our solution, simply click the Contact Us button below and an Exclaimer representative will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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