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Find out more about migrating to Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud.

Why migrate to Exclaimer's cloud solutions?

Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud offers a new way to manage and create email signatures for organizations using Microsoft Exchange: an intuitive web interface for non-IT departments to take complete control of an organization’s corporate signatures.

This removes the need for IT teams to be involved in day-to-day Microsoft Exchange email signature management, as well as unlocking powerful features unavailable in Exclaimer’s on-premises Signature Manager software. It is also the only on-premises email signature management solution that can be seamlessly migrated to Office 365, future-proofing an organization should it decide to move to the cloud at a later date.

Compare Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud with Exclaimer's on-premises software

Features Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud Exclaimer's on-premises software
Full HTML Microsoft Exchange email signatures on all devices and mail clients✔*
Apply separate internal and reply signatures
Automatically pulls across users’ contact details
Email signatures automatically updated with changes
Different signatures for different departments
Schedule signatures with a time-and-date range
Test which signature will apply for a certain user
Let users see their signature design as they type an email✔*
Drag-and-drop Signature Designer
Manage via a web browser
Automatic updates/upgrades
Embedded images on emails when sent from any device✔**
Give editor or admin permissions to users
Apply signatures based on the recipient’s domain or email address✔**
Guarantee use of your custom font/s
Group signatures into restricted folders for easy management
Restrict editing of signatures to certain users
Share access with non-technical users
Cloud-hosted solution within Microsoft Azure infrastructure
No service account required
No local installation required
Supports Multi-Factor Authentication
Multi-lingual interface
Access analytics dashboards to see how your email signatures are performing

*Client-side configuration only
**Server-side configuration only

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