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Simplify email signature management and turn your signatures into a dedicated marketing channel with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud.

Introducing Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud transforms the process of managing email signatures

Centrally manage your whole organization's email signatures at the push of the button, and transform your email signatures into a dedicated marketing channel.

Enhance your campaigns

Use multiple promotional banners to run a variety of campaigns simultaneously. Schedule email signatures to share specific messages at the perfect time

Monitor your email signature strategy

Review usage statistics and important engagement metrics such as impressions and click-throughs with analytics dashboards.

Simplify user detail management

Add new fields to email signatures such as gender pronouns and working hours. Make it possible for users to maintain the accuracy of their contact information.

Ready to get started? See Exclaimer in action!

Exclaimer transforms everyday emails into a valuable platform to drive sales and build stronger relationships.

Supercharge your email signatures with Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up

Introduce 1-click surveys into your professional email signature templates to maintain continued monitoring of customer sentiment.

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