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Exclaimer is now hosted locally in Microsoft Azure Datacenters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Central email signature management made easy

Exclaimer transforms the process of managing email signatures, ensuring professional email signature templates are applied to all users at the push of a button. Our email signature solutions are so simple to use that anyone can manage email signatures for your whole organization. This means non-technical teams are able to update email signatures without needing to involve IT.

The key benefits of an Exclaimer solution

  • Consistency - on-brand, legally compliant email signatures sent from devices including mobiles.
  • Automated control - no reliance on end users making email signature updates.
  • Precision - accurate contact information in email signatures based on user directory.
  • Time saving - roll out email signatures in 10 minutes.

Many local customers trust Exclaimer as the best provider in the region

How are Exclaimer’s solutions hosted?

Exclaimer is now hosted locally in Microsoft Azure Datacenters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This ensures your data remains in your region and complies with data processing requirements.

All data stored by Exclaimer resides within a Microsoft Azure datacenter in the United Arab Emirates which guarantees that every customer in the UAE benefits from data residency. Exclaimer will never use a datacenter outside the UAE to store your information.

Exclaimer’s cloud solutions are incredibly safe and robust to use, proven by our ISO 27001 & 27018 certifications and STAR rating with the Cloud Security Alliance. You can read more in our Trust Center.

Exclaimer ISO/IEC 27001
Exclaimer GDPR compliance
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Outlook App

Hybrid Cloud

Most customers use Exclaimer email signature solutions to process their emails and imprint signatures within their Exclaimer service in the cloud. This results in all emails, sent from any client and device, receiving the appropriate corporate signature.

However, for organizations which aren’t permitted to use purely cloud solutions, the imprinting of an email signature can occur using a hybrid cloud configuration. Instead of routing emails through the Exclaimer cloud service, processing occurs locally. This client-server model approach results in every email signature being applied during email creation.

Configuring email signature deployment

When configuring your Exclaimer solution, you’ll have full flexibility to establish the deployment options that are best suited to your organization:

Hybrid Cloud

  • Email signatures are deployed locally to Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac and the online Outlook and Gmail clients.
  • Emails are processed for an email signature locally and there is no need to modify the mail flow of your email service.
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Cloud Processing

  • All emails, including those from all devices and email clients, are processed. This includes those sent from mobile phones, tablets, and CRM solutions.
  • Every email is routed through the Exclaimer imprinting service for signature imprinting. This service is securely hosted in Azure datacenters within the UAE.

Why choose Exclaimer's email signature solutions?

Trusted worldwide

50,000+ customers

96% customer satisfaction

Award-winning solutions

Our customers love us

"Exclaimer makes it possible to use good-looking and standardized signatures for every user in the organization "

Nicolai Rathmann, orgalean GmbH

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"The cloud platform is great for removing the need for local infrastructure and designing signatures in a WYSIWYG manner makes it easy even for non-graphic designers."

Edoardo Longhi, CFMEU Vic/Tas

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"Exclaimer is a very cost-effective method of managing multiple individual signatures on multiple emails. It is easy to make the changes globally and not rely on users to update their signatures."

Graham Deck, Pengana Pty Ltd

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"We were able to use Exclaimer to quickly and confidently deploy standardized signatures across all accounts and devices overnight."

Shawn Reed, XMC - Xerox

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"If you want a powerful email signature tool that works with Office 365, then choose Exclaimer. Its products are is straightforward to set up, use, and configure. "

Alessandro Oreste, IQ Solutions GmbH

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