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Case Study: BullyingCanada, Inc.

Find out why BullyingCanada, Inc. chose Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition to create a consistent, branded email signature look across all devices.

BullyingCanada, Inc.
Country Canada
Industry Not-For-Profit
Founded 2006

BullyingCanada, Inc. is a national anti-bullying charity and website, founded in 2006 by Rob Benn-Frenette, O.N.B. and Katie Thompson (Neu), both youths at the time. The pair setup the website after having both experienced extreme bullying during their school years and having no luck searching for an existing charity or service to help.

BullyingCanada was originally setup as a website to provide information and help on bullying for kids who were in similar situations. The charity is now a 24/7 support service with more than 215 volunteers, that dedicates itself to creating a brighter future for bullied youth.

Exclaimer has solved our problem.
PJ Ryan Director of Public Relations

Issues with manual email signatures

When users in an organization are using multiple devices and mail clients to send email, keeping the formating of email signatures is often an issue when they are manually implemented. Whenever there’s a change to the design, having to get users to update the signature on each of their mail applications is no easy task, especially when the application can change the format. That was the issue PJ Ryan, Director of Public Relations at BullyingCanada Inc., was experiencing.

“We were struggling to ensure email signatures sent in the proper format, from iPhones or Android and from Outlook or OWA – they weren’t consistently sending,” said Mr Ryan. “The relative positions of elements would change. HTML would render things correctly (or not) to the whims of the programmer of whichever application they were designing for and sometimes images would send as attachments.”

Seeking a solution

BullyingCanada, Inc. signature with full contact details.

“After trying to find a way to manually implement signatures in a variety of email clients, nothing really worked well. That’s when we began looking for a solution to this persistent, troublesome issue: ensuring consistent branding across emails sent from different applications and platforms,” explained Mr Ryan. “We needed something where we could have the signatures pull from Active Directory, be able to be billingual, and correctly show our CRA registration number.”

“We came across Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition after searching online for our specific issues,” stated Mr Ryan. “At the time, none of the team knew such a company or solution for email signature management existed. Exclaimer appeared to offer exactly what we needed, and the bulk of online reviews we read were positive.”

Problem solved

It wasn’t long after discovering Signature Manager Exchange Edition that BullyingCanada had the solution up and running. “We installed Exclaimer over the weekend to mitigate any organizational impact and had it operating within an hour or so, once each stakeholder was comfortable and pleased with the final signature design.”

“Exclaimer has solved our problem, we are now able to ensure all signatures send in the correct format. It allows me to edit the signatures without having to rely on staff to update their own, and hoping everyone follows my directions correctly,” concluded Mr Ryan. “We are quite satisfied with Exclaimer, it offers a solid suite of products and seems to ‘have a heart’.”

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