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Case Study: Dunlop Protective Foorwear

Dunlop Protective Footwear had been a satisfied customer of Exclaimer for years. Upon migrating to Microsoft 365, the company made the move to Exclaimer Cloud to continue centrally managing its business email signatures.

Dunlop Protective Foorwear
Country The Netherlands
Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1904

Dunlop Protective Footwear is a leading global manufacturer of protective footwear. With its head office in the Netherlands, and regional offices in the United States and Portugal, Dunlop offers comfort and safety for feet worldwide

Dunlop focuses on many diverse industries, with different companies often having specialized requirements. Within agriculture, a poultry farmer needs boots to maintain hygiene, while a cattle farmer needs footwear to protect against the hooves of a cow or bull. In oil, gas and mining, in addition to withstanding special circumstances, boots need to use bright orange colours for safety reasons. And contrary to popular belief, Dunlop boots are no longer made of rubber, but of Purofort or Acifort. These are modern materials that make its boots extremely lightweight and thermally insulated.

We expected the transition to be easy and Exclaimer delivered everything flawlessly
Alfred Muller Dunlop Protective Footwear

The benefits of centrally managed email signatures

When a company is based in multiple countries, managing email signatures for every user needs to be well executed to ensure consistency and control. Before migrating to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), the company had been using Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition to centrally manage its users’ email signatures.

“When I started over 10 years ago, we were already using Exclaimer’s on-premises software to manage our professional email signatures,” said Alfred Muller, Global IT Manager at Dunlop. “Back in 2007, we needed an email signature solution to achieve consistency across all business emails. The use of the Dunlop logo is protected, and we use legal disclaimers to conform with international email law. We also make extensive use of graphical banners in our email signatures. Some examples would be for product introductions, new articles, trade fair announcements or Christmas messages in December.”

A smooth transition

The move to the cloud and everything that came with it was mainly an ICT matter. “A year earlier, it had been decided that we would migrate from on-premises Exchange to Microsoft 365,” Alfred explained. “The process had been very smooth, and the entire transition didn’t take more than a few days.”

Once Dunlop had completed this migration to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), it needed to ensure all users’ emails were still having email signatures applied in the same way it had been used to with Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition. Fortunately, by choosing Exclaimer Cloud, this was easily achieved. “We migrated all of our employees’ email signatures in one weekend,” said Mr Muller. “This included more than 400 mailboxes across approximately 200 automated workstations. The process was incredibly smooth, and the implementation was flawless. In fact, our users didn’t even notice a change.”

A flawless experience

Simplicity was paramount when moving to Exclaimer Cloud. “Exclaimer Cloud is an outstanding email signature solution,” concluded Mr Muller. “We looked around for other alternatives, but the simplicity of this solution particularly appealed to us. It’s easy to setup without any problems. It’s simple to implement without guidance and training. And it’s very easy to use. We expected the transition to be easy and Exclaimer delivered everything flawlessly.”

“Representatives at Exclaimer are always polite, quick, efficient, and effective. The helpdesk is well organized, so if we ever need to contact them, we always get an answer. The solution adjusts perfectly to our needs, and we wouldn’t be able to handle our signatures without it. Our email signatures are great because Exclaimer makes it easy.”

The challenge

  • To continue centrally managing email signatures after migrating from on-premises Exchange to Microsoft 365

The solution

  • Implementation of Exclaimer’s Microsoft 365 solution to centrally manage all email signatures
  • Professional service from Exclaimer’s Sales and Customer Support teams

The benefits

  • Simple, fast, and smooth transition from Exclaimer Signature Manager to Exclaimer Cloud
  • Continued consistent branding and legal compliance on all corporate emails

Products and services

  • Exclaimer Cloud
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