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Case Study: Focus Group

Focus Group discuss how they went from being an Exclaimer customer to becoming a successful channel partner.

Focus Group Exclaimer Partner
Country United Kingdom
Founded 2003

Focus Group is an award-winning UK communications provider, offering solutions for SMEs, mid-market and enterprise clients in the public and private sector. Looking after over 10,000 businesses across the country, it offers cost-effective solutions across a wide range of products such as IP Telephony, Phone Systems, Mobiles, IT Services, Broadband, Leased Lines, Media, Print and Energy. Over the last 14 years, Focus has grown from just 3 staff members to over 300 with annual revenues exceeding £40m. It also works with leading global brands such as Samsung, O2, Microsoft, Vodafone, BT and Virgin Media, and has won a multitude of industry awards.

Exclaimer makes common-sense solutions that organizations of all sizes should use.
Dave Bennett Director

Controlling a common IT issue

Very few businesses leave their corporate branding in the hands of individual staff. Employees, for example, aren’t often allowed to create their own business cards as every employee would have a different interpretation of what looks professional and on-brand. However, ensuring that everyone in an organization has a consistent email signature template often either gets forgotten about or simply becomes unmanageable. It is very easy to lose control of corporate email signatures, which was an issue that Focus faced before searching for a third-party solution.

“We had decided to seek out an email signature solution for our own company,” said Dave Bennett, Director at Focus. “We were looking for something to make automating email signatures easier than it was doing it manually. We did some research online to see what was out there and signed up for a free trial of what Exclaimer had to offer. We found the software to be very responsive and reliable, solving a real issue we had been having internally. As we liked it so much, we decided to try the software with some of our customers. This was really successful so it was then that we decided to resell it and become a fully-fledged Exclaimer Partner.”

A value-added solution

Once Focus became an Exclaimer Partner, it decided to not just resell Exclaimer software to its client base, but also to use it to offer a managed email signature service. “Using Exclaimer in this way made a lot of sense,” Mr Bennett continued. ”There was, and still is, a large need from companies who want managing email signatures to be easier than it actually is. Email signatures can be a real pain to control and it is only really through the use of third-party solutions like Exclaimer’s that you can get that centralized control. Otherwise, you end up having to do things manually, which can take forever, or rely on each end user, which simply means everyone will end up using different templates to maintain their own signature.”

Over the last couple of years, Focus has been able to bundle Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 with any Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) migrations it does for its clients. “We manage the majority of our clients’ email signature requirements as part of the managed service we offer,” stated Mr Bennett. “We will often bundle Exclaimer as part of our Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) packages. Our clients really appreciate us taking charge of their email signature templates as it gives them one less IT issue to think about. We’ve never had any complaints regarding the price, and the value of email signature management is clear to many.”

Direct to channel

From starting out as a customer to becoming a successful Exclaimer Partner, Focus has nothing but praise for what Exclaimer has provided its business. “I feel that our partnership with Exclaimer has been very successful over the last 5-6 years,” concluded Mr Bennett. “I have a very high opinion of the company and it has always been very responsive whenever we’ve needed them. Exclaimer Cloud is the only email signature management solution we offer our clients and we have no intention of changing to another provider. Exclaimer makes common-sense solutions that organizations of all sizes should use.”

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