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HPC AG had moved to Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) and so needed to replace its email signature solution with Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud.

About HPC AG

HPC AG is one of the leading engineering enterprises in the environmental sector worldwide. Headquartered in  Germany, the company is strongly committed to projects in the fields of land recycling, environmental consulting and infrastructure planning.

Its services and engineering projects have a considerable positive impact on the environment such as with projects to decontaminate rivers in the Balkans and remove paper sludge from farmland in Baden-Württemberg.

The need for a new email signature manager

As HPC AG is based in over 40 locations, ten of which are based outside of Germany, it was very important that all email signatures were centrally managed with a reliable corporate design. These signatures would then need to be consistent across all email clients and devices (i.e. Outlook client, tablet, web client or smartphone). This had led the company to use Exclaimer’s on-premises software for a number of years. However, once HPC AG started migrating Office 365, it was clear that a cloud-based email signature solution needed to be incorporated companywide.

“When we were just using on-premises Exchange servers, Exclaimer Signature Manager let us achieve our goal of centralized email signature management,” stated Gero Gaedeke, Systems Integration Specialist at HPC AG. “However, the company had started migrated its mailboxes from an on-premises installation to Office 365. This meant that we needed to look at Exclaimer’s cloud offering.

“After speaking to Exclaimer about our new hybrid cloud environment, we were pleased that we could seamlessly move to Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud. We did not experience any downtime and our email signature management experience remained consistently excellent.”

Letting the marketing department manage signatures themselves

After setting up Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud across the entire organization, the email signature templates HPC AG had been previously using in Exclaimer Signature Manager were converted for cloud use by the Exclaimer Support Team.

“Now that we have all the benefits of cloud-based email signature management, our marketing department have taken full ownership of the email signature channel,” Mr Gaedeke mentioned. “Running marketing campaigns, highlighting trade show appearances, and any other email signature updates no longer needed to be done by the IT department. This was not possible with Exclaimer’s on-premises email signature software. This is a big win for my department as it means we can focus on other priorities and not hold up any signature updates being made.”

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Gero Gaedeke Systems Integration Specialist

The challenge
  • Needing a cloud-based email signature solution having migrated to Office 365
  • Not wanting to lose the benefits of centralized email signature management
  • Email signature templates were not used effectively
The solution
  • Using Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud in a hybrid-cloud environment
The benefits
  • Continued benefits of using Exclaimer
  • Marketing could control email signature updates without IT
  • IT no longer needed to be involved in email signature management

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