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Case Study: Kester & Partners Accountancy

Struggling with email archiving, Kester & Partners Accountancy needed a robust solution for storage and compliance. Enter Exclaimer Mail Archiver.

Kester & Partners Accountancy


Country The Netherlands
Industry Financial
Founded 1987


Employees were archiving emails using easily corruptible PST files, which was problematic from a legal perspective, which could not be stored on the organization’s Exchange server.


By choosing Mail Archiver, Kester & Partners achieved dramatic productivity savings through having the use of a central email archive store that gave users easy access to their email history.

Based in the Westland region of the Netherlands and with its founding roots in the horticultural industry, Kester & Partners Accountancy works with a large number of medium and large enterprise companies. Dutch organizations of a certain size are required by law to do an annual financial audit through a firm that has a license provided under the Audit Firms Supervision Act (Wet toezicht accountantsorganisaties), which is one of the main services that Kester & Partners provides to its clients.

With over 60 members of staff, each with different skills and specialities, Kester & Partners prides itself on providing clients with a personal and pragmatic service that goes beyond working on financial statements and tax returns. As a result, the organization has grown to provide additional services such as payroll administration, business advice and future funding opportunities.

The PST factor

As is typical of many organizations, employees of Kester & Partners send out thousands of emails per day. Employees would never wish to delete any emails in case they needed to refer to them in the future, so mailbox limits had to be enforced by the IT department to stop the Exchange stores getting too large and unmanageable. Therefore, it had become common practise for employees to archive all emails to local PST files so as to avoid any Exchange performance degradation.

However, PST files have a reputation for becoming easily corrupted, especially if a file grows beyond its natural limit. This was a regular occurrence at Kester & Partners, requiring the IT department to continuously conduct time-consuming repairs. This would incur a cost due to the administrative effort required to perform such a task and there was always a danger of inadvertent data loss. In addition, as an accounting firm, the organization has a legal responsibility to store all emails for regulatory compliance. By using PST files, staff could possibly delete important emails and the search functionality was simply not fit for purpose, putting the organization at risk if any legal action was to occur. This was all the more reason to find an alternative and more effective method of archiving.

As Mail Archiver did not require the use of SQL server software, we achieved substantial cost and license savings. In these times of budget cuts, this was a big plus.
Jan Pronk System Administrator

High quality, low cost

Kester & Partners using Exclaimer Mail Archiver for email archiving

Tasked by management to look for the answer to these issues, Jan Pronk, System Adminstrator at Kester & Partners, immediately began researching archiving solutions from a variety of different vendors. “None of the products I found were exactly what we were looking for and I was frankly shocked at how expensive they all seemed to be,” stated Mr Pronk, who though he would have to purchase either dedicated hardware or a cloud based solution that would involve a SQL server installation.

However, just as it seemed he might have to give up his search for something affordable, he received an email communication about a new archiving product, Exclaimer Mail Archiver. Kester & Partners were already utilizing Signature Manager Outlook Edition for all of their email signature requirements, so Mr Pronk admitted that he was curious to see how Mail Archiver would compare to other competitors he had seen. “I noticed immediately that Exclaimer’s software was nearly half the price of every other solution on the market. This encouraged me to sign up for a free trial so I could test the software myself.”

Exclaimer Mail Archiver provides all the benefits of email archiving within a simple and low-cost solution, which can be easily scaled to meet the needs of any organization. The software allowed Mr Pronk to easily batch-import all the organizations’ PST files into one central archive store, safe in the knowledge that it had the same protection measures used by Exchange databases, ensuring security and compliance.

During the trial period, the Exclaimer Development team released an Outlook Add-in to Mail Archiver via a free software update. This gave every employee of Kester & Partners the ability to easily search, view and restore any messages from the central archive using a built-in search User Interface (UI) in Outlook. “Having a button in Outlook for all users to find their emails was exactly what we wanted,” declared Mr Pronk. “This addition, plus our previous experience using Exclaimer software, made me decide that Mail Archiver was the right solution for us.”

Safety and security assured

No longer requiring unreliable PST files, archived emails no longer needed to reside on any workstation hard drives, which could have led to catastrophic data loss in the past. Mail Archiver has provided Kester & Partners with a powerful solution that requires no database maintenance and no need for expensive third party alternatives. If any email evidence is required in the future, relevant communications can be found quickly and users can safely retrieve old emails whenever they need to.

“The software is outstanding and the service we received from Exclaimer was consistently excellent,” concluded Mr Pronk. “The Support Team were always there to help me and responded quickly whenever I had a question. If you are looking for an affordable, simple to use and powerful email archiving solution, you definitely should use Exclaimer Mail Archiver!”

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