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Case Study: Novenco Group

After facing numerous problems with its previous cloud-based archiving solution, Novenco decided to move to a more affordable and reliable solution. The solution was Mail Archiver.

Novenco Group


Country Denmark
Industry Commercial
Founded 1947


Novenco was using a cloud-based archiving solution to cope with the ever increasing amount of emails it needed to store. The IT department soon discovered it was prone to instabilities, end users struggled to find emails they needed and it was very expensive to maintain.


Mail Archiver was chosen due to its affordability and the way it could be scaled to meet the needs of the organization. This provided large cost savings and proved more reliable than its previous archiving solution.

With more than 60 years’ experience, Novenco Group is one of the world leaders in the development and manufacturing of high-quality heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions for land and marine applications. Founded in Denmark in 1947, Novenco Group's primary goal is to offer environmentally responsible and energy-friendly solutions for the most demanding global comfort and safety requirements.

In 2013, Novenco was purchased by Hi Air Korea Co. Ltd, the primary Korean provider of HVAC equipment to the Marine & Offshore industry, but continues to run as an autonomous organization. It employs over 700 people, has offices in 9 countries and is going through a process of heavy expansion into new business verticals.

Does expensive mean better?

It is an understatement to say that an email archiver is an important investment for any organization. With the large volume of emails sent and received every day, the handling and storage of messages has become a key concern for business owners and IT professionals worldwide. Whether it be for legal purposes or to ensure efficient and cost-effective business processes are in place, an archiving system provides a secure location for email communications whenever they are needed.

Novenco was well aware of this fact and the IT department were quick to adopt an archiving solution that they felt would be right for the organization. To this end, a cloud-based solution was chosen to meet the regulatory and business requirements of long-term email storage. The price of this archiver was considered to be very high, but it was hoped that it would offer long-term cost savings over time. Even with this concern, the archiver was purchased and set up relatively quickly.

However, it soon became clear this initial concern had been entirely justified. Even though Novenco had invested a large amount of capital, the archiver proved to be exceptionally unreliable. Emails would get lost, it did not have a user-friendly interface and end users found searching for specific messages problematic. After nearly a year, it became increasingly difficult to justify how much Novenco was spending on something that was causing more problems than it was solving.

Normally, quality always means expensive! Exclaimer Mail Archiver, however, manages to be of exceptional quality at a price point that is very reasonable
Thomas Toftdal IT Manager

Enterprise-class mail archiving at an intelligent price

Novenco Group using Mail Archiver for email archiving

Realizing that something had to be done, Thomas Toftdal, IT Manager at Novenco, decided to look into other options that would best suit the archiving needs of the organization. He quickly came to the conclusion that the cost barrier was going to be high no matter which option he chose. “All the archiving systems I came across were so expensive,” said Mr Toftdal. “After all of the issues our IT department had faced, cost was a major factor for us. There was a great deal of reluctance to spend so much again.”

It was during his online research that he came across Exclaimer Mail Archiver. It promised to do everything that Novenco needed, but at a much cheaper price point than similar products on the market. Initially sceptical that it would meet the needs of an enterprise-level organization, he decided to download a free 30-day trial and see if the software could do all the things it claimed

Upon a simple installation and demonstration by Exclaimer representatives, he soon found he was creating new archive stores within minutes. As the software did not need any third party solutions like SQL and the technology was based upon an indexed set of flat files, Mr Toftdal was able to use cloud-based storage for all emails without having to worry about costly overheads, purchasing new hardware or the software not performing correctly. “Mail Archiver did everything I needed it to and more,” declared Mr Toftdal when asked if he felt that it had performed to his expectations. “It didn’t even need any specialist skills to run, which made purchasing the software a very easy decision to make.”

Resolving all archiving issues

The IT department of Novenco have not looked back since purchasing Mail Archiver. Email archiving is no longer a difficult procedure, no technical issues have occurred and end users have found that they are able to easily find any email they require without any technical assistance

“This software has solved all of our archiving problems,” stated Mr Toftdal. “Mail Archiver is extremely reliable, surprisingly powerful and has cost us less than half of what we were paying before. It is muchbetter than our last solution in every way and I would recommend it to anyone currently looking for an email archiver.”

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