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Case Study: Sensible

Sensible Business Solutions Exclaimer Partner
Country Australia
Founded 1985

Sensible Business Solutions (Sensible) is an independent IT services provider to customers throughout Australasia. Opening in 1985 and based in Sydney, its business mantra is to “educate, customize and deliver best practice IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in a practical way "that makes sense” and reduces their IT costs.” Due to the reputation Sensible has garnered over more than 30 years of business, it has been chosen as the IT support organization and online manager for the Australian World Cup 2022 Hosting Bid and the Football Federation Australia.

It’s a very sticky product and we love it for that reason.
Kevin Spanner CEO

Choosing to become an Exclaimer Partner

“We’ve been an Exclaimer Partner since the early 2000s,” said Kevin Spanner, CEO at Sensible Business Solutions. “We met the team at a tradeshow in Sydney and thought that the Exclaimer proposition, a centralized email signature software solution, was an exciting concept and not something that we had seen before.” At the time, many of Sensible’s customers had been struggling with email signature management; end users would constantly change their job titles, controlling branded elements like corporate logos was difficult and HTML signatures on mobile devices were not possible. Seeing how Exclaimer’s email signature software could centrally manage all of these issues was of great interest to Mr Spanner, so he decided that Sensible should become an Exclaimer Partner.

“Partnering with Exclaimer meant that we had easy access to the company’s email signature software,” Mr Spanner continued. “It has always been an easy-to-manage system, whether it be the on-premises Exchange software or the cloud-based Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) signature solution, letting any company of any size gain complete control over corporate email signatures. It ensures that end users can’t create their own email signature designs, meaning less contact errors, less confusion about the marketing message and ensuring images like logos appear correctly. It quickly became a valuable solution in our product portfolio, making it simple for us to bundle with other solutions.”

Expanding the partnership

The benefits to Sensible of being an Exclaimer Partner went beyond just selling the email signature software solutions. “As we became more involved with the products, more and more of our customers became interested in having Sensible centrally manage their brand messaging for them,” described Mr Spanner. “One of our customers would regularly run major marketing campaigns, but often didn’t have the time to update their corporate email signatures to reflect this. By us using Exclaimer’s software, we could easily update their banners every couple of weeks, turn their signatures into another advertising channel and ensure that all of their users would be displaying the correct content. This could be done without having to do an awful lot of work our side.”

“Exclaimer software lets us troubleshoot issues easily, deploy signatures quickly and provide a full-managed service if customers want to add more dynamic content to their messaging,” Mr Spanner continued. ”It’s added ‘stickiness’ to what we offer as a business without a doubt, making it really easy-to-sell. Exclaimer really lets us add a whole new dimension to signatures.”

A meaningful relationship

Even after more than a decade of working together, Exclaimer and Sensible value the business partnership that they’ve cultivated. “The email signature software is really easy-to-sell to customers, the price is good and we’re a massive fan of Exclaimer as a company,” concluded Mr Spanner. “The products let you do lots of things in the one portal and easily delegate email signature control to marketing without having them access IT systems. From an administrative perspective, it makes it easier for us, as a business, to manage email signatures for our customers. Business owners want standardization when it comes to email signature design, and Exclaimer solutions let us provide that to them as a service. I would recommend becoming an Exclaimer Partner if you’re looking to add an excellent value-added solution to your product portfolio.”

Exclaimer really lets us add a whole new dimension to signatures.
Kevin Spanner CEO
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