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Case Study: Sensible Computing Solutions

As a leading Exclaimer reseller, Sensible Computing Solutions discuss how this partnership has allowed them to deliver more to their customers.

Sensible Computing Solutions Exclaimer Partner


Country United Kingdom
Industry Reseller
Founded 1994


Sensible Computing Solutions needed a way to add company registration details to all of their customers’ electronic communications in accordance with the Companies Act 2006.


By becoming an Exclaimer reseller, Sensible Computing Solutions could provide specialized software that would easily create and automate legal disclaimers. It was then able to showcase the additional benefits inherent in Exclaimer products, creating a number of customer advocates.

Sensible Computing Solutions is a leading independent IT reseller, specializing in hardware and software services to small and medium sized businesses in the UK. Since 1994, it has built a strong reputation through its dedication to providing powerful and effective solutions to its customers. Leveraging its technically certified and highly knowledgeable staff, its services provide efficient IT solutions designed to streamline everyday operations, and each system is tailored to suit a client’s specific business needs. This level of service has managed to distinguish Sensible Computing Solutions from other IT resellers within the Midlands.

Helping the needs of customers

The Companies Act 2006 was an update to UK legislation originally passed in 1985 that came into effect in 2007. It requires every company in the UK to list its company registration number, place of registration and registered office address on all electronic communications.

With many important customers looking for a way to update all of these details automatically, Sensible Computing Solutions decided to find a software vendor that would help them meet the requirements of this law in response to the changing state of the UK corporate landscape. In essence, it wanted to ensure that all customers would follow these strict compliance regulations.

Choosing the right partner

The ideal had to be easy to use, fully-featured and competitively priced. Stephen Beall, Technical Director, researched a number of options before deciding upon Exclaimer. Having never used any Exclaimer products before, he decided to take up a 30-day trial of Mail Utilities to test the software in-house.

“The product did exactly what it was supposed to do in a simple and efficient manner,” commented Mr Walton. “Exclaimer were really easy to deal with and offered an affordable solution that would benefit many of our SMB customers.” He was also pleased with the fact that as the software was centrally managed, there was no risk of end users modifying or removing any legal disclaimers.

We’ve been recommending Exclaimer software since it became a legal requirement for limited companies to add their registered company number and address to all electronic communications.
Justin Walton Support Manager

Having found the software was to their liking, the owners of Sensible Software Solutions decided to become an Exclaimer reseller, actively promoting a number of products including Mail Utilities. Mail Disclaimers, Anti-Spam and Auto Responder were soon being used by their customers, with the Exclaimer software portfolio providing the means to carry out a number of IT tasks quickly and efficiently.

“Auto Responder is really clever and a particular favourite of mine,” said Mr Walton “The way that it lets you set up special email delivery rules through policies was something that Sensible Computing Solutions could not do before we started using and reselling the software.”

By using email signature software, some customers began creating more than just legal disclaimers. This drove the need for Sensible Computing Solutions to invest more time into forging closer ties with Exclaimer.

Onwards and upwards

With 20 years’ experience, Sensible Computing Solutions is aware of the important role that it plays in helping its customers with all manner of IT requirements. As a result, it continues to proactively promote Exclaimer software wherever it can. From originally looking for software to automate email disclaimers to becoming an active reseller, this effective partnership continues to bring great value to both parties.

“It’s clear that Exclaimer value us highly and we have an excellent understanding of each other,” states Mr Walton. “The speed and knowledge demonstrated by their sales and support staff is first class and continues to surprise me. No matter what we need, whether it’s a license for a customer or technical support, Exclaimer are always willing to go above and beyond to help us.”

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