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Case Study: WesleyLife

WesleyLife in Iowa solves the problem of having inconsistencies in employees’ email signatures by deploying Signature Manager Exchange Edition and Outlook Photos.



Country USA
Industry Healthcare
Founded 1946


WesleyLife was looking for an effective way to manage all of their email signatures so they had consistent branding and legal disclaimers, while ensuring that employees would no longer create their own versions.


Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition gave IT centralized control of all email signatures. In addition, Outlook Photos was deployed to give signatures an extra level of professionalism.

A non-profit 501(c) 3 healthcare organization based in Des Moines, Iowa, WesleyLife provides retirement care and services to older adults throughout the state. Starting as a retirement home for aging Methodist ministers in 1946, the organization now employs over 1,200 members of staff and receives more than 43,000 volunteer hours from the general public a year. Named a ‘Top 100 Workplace’ in 2013 by The Des Moines Register, which recognizes the best companies to work for in Iowa, WesleyLife prides itself on its original Christian values which are ‘focused on care, compassion and the well-being of people.’

One mission, one brand

Providing healthcare to more than 10,000 adults in seven retirement communities and 11 counties across Iowa means that WesleyLife plays an important role for the aging population of the state. As the organization has grown over the years, it has taken considerable discipline to ensure that its corporate identity has remained consistent as new locations have opened and more employees have been recruited.

With the sheer number of emails sent out by the organization every day, an internal audit showed that many employees had been designing their own email signatures, which was damaging brand unity. In addition, as WesleyLife is a healthcare organization, it has to comply with various legislations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which requires legal disclaimers on all emails to protect the privacy of patients/clients and to avoid confidentiality breaches. With employees creating signatures themselves, legal disclaimers were often not added and key information would be missing. It was clear that a solution was needed to create a consistent and well-branded email signature that would automatically be added for all employees.

Professional and standardized

Looking for an email signature solution in a joint project with the IT and marketing departments, Kevin Wilson, Application Support Analyst for WesleyLife, decided on Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition. Anticipating that the software would take considerable time and effort to install, he was pleasantly surprised with the simplicity of the process. “The software had possibly the easiest installation process I have ever come across,” declared Mr Wilson. “I had also been researching another solution at the same time as I was trialling with Exclaimer, but the fact that Signature Manager Exchange Edition was so intuitive tipped the scales in Exclaimer’s favour.”

It will save us (IT) a huge amount of time as we can now manage the signature process while allowing us to have consistency across the organization from a branding perspective.
Kevin Wilson Application Support Analyst

Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition adds signatures to all email that’s processed by an Exchange server, which means that it is impossible for users to change or remove a signature. This meant that the software would solve all of WesleyLife’s issues and all employees were given a standardized corporate email signature within an hour of the installation. Brand and legal compliance was now assured.

“The service we received from Exclaimer was simply excellent.” explained Mr Wilson. “I always got a quick response, I was given a thorough demonstration on how to use the software and I really appreciated the time my Account Manager spent with me so that I could confirm whether this was the right software for WesleyLife.”

WesleyLife using Signature Manager Exchange Edition and Outlook Photos

Once Signature Manager Exchange Edition had been set up, WesleyLife also downloaded Outlook Photos, Exclaimer’s free software solution for adding photos to the Outlook People Pane, a SharePoint profile and on Microsoft Lync. This was an added bonus in Mr Wilson’s eyes as it now meant that signatures could have professional photos added, with employees given a choice as to whether they wanted one or not.

Onwards and upwards

With all of the software installed and running successfully, the IT department were able to ensure its brand was not compromised through poorly designed email signatures. What would have been a very difficult process to manage internally became incredibly simple in its implementation and execution. The IT department did not have to go to each individual user’s PC to get them to update their signature manually and there was no need to even inform them of the changes.

There have already been discussions about potentially using email signatures to highlight events being run by WesleyLife and the added integration of Outlook Photos has given the marketing department a number of exciting ideas for the future.

“I am very happy with the Exclaimer products we purchased”, said Mr Wilson. “They make great software and treat their customers brilliantly. They are always there to help and I cannot rate them highly enough.”

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