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Email signature management vendor utilizes Azure to take its multi-award-winning software into the cloud

14th February 2018

Exclaimer is the largest provider of email signature management solutions in the world. Over 75 million users worldwide in 150+ countries use its products with some companies holding licenses for over 100,000 users.

Building a solution for the Cloud

Exclaimer had been very successful in selling its email signature software since its inception in 2001. It was clear though that more and more organisations were migrating from on-premises server architecture to the cloud. Exclaimer had to make sure that it could adapt to this fundamental change to IT processes.

With this in mind, it decided to build a dedicated cloud version of its multi-award-winning software and as a value-added solution to Microsoft Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). It wanted this new service to provide the same benefits as its on-premises software, but have it work exclusively within the Microsoft Cloud environment.

A new way of thinking

However, designing a product to work in the cloud meant a complete rethink over how Exclaimer had built software in the past. Daniel Richardson, Chief Technology Officer at Exclaimer, explains, “What we couldn’t do when we started this project was simply rewrite our on-premises software. We knew that to provide customers with the best experience, we needed to create a solution specifically for the cloud, essentially building it ‘from the ground up’. With this in mind, we wanted to take full advantage of the natural scalability and reliability available in Azure. This meant we could take advantage of the full set of webscale technologies available within Azure, such as automatic failovers, placing all of our roles behind load balancers to provide a single network service across multiple Azure servers around the world. This would allow our service to scale automatically at all times, so the reliability and scalability of Azure went hand-in-hand with what we wanted to achieve.”

Delivering a powerful, yet secure, service worldwide

It was inevitable that customers would have questions regarding data security. Richardson says, “Security is important to us and we never want to store anyone’s email in our servers. This would open us up to a whole host of data protection issues. By utilizing the Azure platform, no email sent requiring a signature ever leaves the Microsoft Cloud environment, which is why we built our service as a relay. In essence, it accepts the message sent from Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), performs the operation of adding a signature and then passes it back to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) for sending as normal. It is still Microsoft sending the email; we just add the signature.”

“Our service now processes around 17 million emails a day, a figure that continues to increase, and it can intelligently scale during peak sending periods without any mailflow delays. We simply would not be able to do this without utilizing Azure due to the sheer quantity of emails we are adding signatures to.”

There was also need for companies to ensure that their data never leaves their country of origin, leading to Microsoft building more regional Azure datacenters worldwide. Andrew Millington, Chief Executive Officer at Exclaimer, highlights, “We decided to expand our service to more regional Azure datacenters in order to adhere to data residency and handling laws. This means we now utilize 14 Azure datacenters worldwide, the largest of any email signature management provider on the market. As we grow as a business, the number of Azure datacenters we utilize grows with us!”

A new era for Exclaimer

The results for Exclaimer were immediate. Upon the release of its service, Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365, uptake among new and current customers was rapid. Andrew Millington, Chief Executive Officer at Exclaimer, says, “Creating an Azure application such as ours has been a huge success for Exclaimer. It has changed the very nature of our business and transformed us from an on-premises software vendor into a cloud-first Azure service provider. As a result, we are now going through the fastest period of expansion in the company’s history and it would not have been possible without the use of Azure.”

Millington adds, “Our service is now being utilized by more than one million users, a figure that continues to rise daily, in over 14 Azure datacenter locations worldwide. With the use of Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology, we are able to offer an excellent service to customers and empower thousands of channel partners worldwide with a cloud-based service that ensures professional branding on all corporate email. The future looks really bright for Exclaimer and we are very excited about the journey we are currently on.”

About Exclaimer

Founded in 2001, Exclaimer is the recognized global market leader in on-premises and cloud-based email signature software and solutions for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Microsoft Exchange and G Suite. It has over 75 million users worldwide in 150+ countries with some companies holding licenses for over 100,000 users. Its diverse customer base includes renowned international organizations such as Sony, Mattel, 10 Downing Street, NBC, the Government of Canada, the BBC and many more organizations of all sectors and sizes.

The company has been the recipient of multiple awards within the IT sphere, has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade and has successfully achieved the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification for its cloud-based signature management service.

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