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An Exclusive Look at the New Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up for Getting Fast Customer Feedback

Organizations rely upon feedback to understand customer sentiment. Without this information, they risk losing touch with how customers engage with their brand. With our new Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up, organizations can quickly obtain feedback through the use of simple 1-click surveys within their email signatures and do so with minimum effort.

The real-time feedback gathered from email signatures synced up with the Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up can be used to measure the quality of interaction individuals, and teams have with customers. This allows for immediate improvements to be implemented. Responses are easily identifiable, being attributed to specific email recipients, making replying and closing the feedback loop actionable on every response.

Why use email signatures to collect feedback?

Reduce customer churn and win more business

  • Improve relationships with customers by identifying problems and resolving them quickly.
  • Turn negative situations around swiftly to ensure customer retention and avoid churn.
  • Keep track of prospects throughout the buyer journey and react to points of friction when alerted.

Optimize support and service teams’ performance

  • Track metrics for help desk team success and optimize their performance.
  • Provide a total view of stakeholder satisfaction at key points in the customer journey.

Drive company culture

  • Shape an internal culture that is customer-centric, driven by CSAT scores.
  • Improve CSAT scores by tracking performance over time and identify areas for training.
  • Showcase scores that increase brand reputation and encourage advocacy.

Visibly demonstrate commitment to customer service and experience

  • Highlight commitment to customer experience by having a survey/feedback option in all emails.
  • Identify delighted customers that are candidates for advocacy through testimonial and case studies.

Why use email signatures to collect feedback?

By using email signatures to share surveys, you can fully customize your strategy for gathering feedback to suit your organization's needs, presenting surveys only when appropriate.

With the wealth of control offered by Exclaimer email signature solutions, you can be sure each step in the journey critical to the customer experience can be paired with a chance for feedback.

Examples include:

  • Tickets worked by your support team
  • Emails between account teams and customers
  • Following a sales call or demonstration
  • During a customer’s evaluation
  • Collecting feedback post-sale
  • Customer newsletters or updates
  • Internal announcements or notifications

The benefits of the Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up

Higher response rates

Most organizations still gather customer experience feedback using long-winded multi-question surveys and forms where it is typical to receive a <1% response rate.

This volume of feedback often proves ineffective when it comes to collecting an accurate representation of customer sentiment.

However, using the Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up allows customers to express feedback in just one click, guaranteed to generate a higher response rate.

Identifiable feedback

While most survey methods collect feedback anonymously, responses captured by the Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up can be directly attributed to customers.

Surveys applied using the server-side method of Exclaimer’s email signature solutions have the recipients automatically associated with them so any feedback provided can be easily identified later.

Closed-loop approach

An essential part of the feedback process is evidencing to feedback providers that their feedback is valued. But often, the delay when implementing improvement can leave providers of feedback feeling removed from the effect their responses may have.

The Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up generates a real-time email alert for every piece of feedback given, making it simple to respond to customers with an appropriate response, closing the loop immediately in every situation.

In-built analytics

With the Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up, all reporting on your surveys is found within the Exclaimer Portal, making it easy to access. You’ll find important metrics such as scores for satisfaction, happiness, and net promoters, as well as a list and breakdown of all responses and any comments left by the user.

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