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AP&C uses Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud to ensure brand consistency and run targeted marketing campaigns.

Apple Print & Creative (AP&C) is a leading full-service marketing agency for enterprise organizations around the world. Having adopted all the pioneering marketing technologies over the last 35+ years, they’ve now extended their digital marketing capabilities with the introduction of Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud.

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We caught up with Andrew Watts and Victoria Walker (respectively AP&C’s CEO and Managing Director) to explore the benefits they’ve experienced with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud.

Choosing the right solution

Having experienced the limitations of Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) for email signature management, AP&C began exploring other options to give them what they needed.

Andrew: "We were talking about an email signature solution way before we met Exclaimer. When we saw the demo, we couldn't believe it because it was the thing that we'd been looking for – the thing that answered all our questions around [sic] how do we market our business more, how do we have different signatures for different teams, and how do we do that in one platform that means we haven't got to send out ten signatures?"

Tailoring email signatures to different business needs

Shortly after an initial product demonstration, AP&C decided to adopt Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud throughout the organization to support a range of digital marketing campaigns.

Victoria: “Exclaimer is great for marketing because we can use it in so many different ways. We can really understand our recipients in detail and see what content they’re interacting with. It also looks really professional, especially for a company like us who prides [sic] themselves on being creative and being storytellers.”

AP&C now benefits from a consistent brand experience across multiple signature templates with virtually no admin overhead. Now, the sky’s the limit for exploiting email signatures for maximum impact.

Expressing full creativity

Andrew: “Exclaimer enables us to be more creative with email signatures without worrying about people deploying it themselves. If we want to change something tomorrow, or in the next minute, we can create that piece of artwork and deploy it immediately. It's simple, it's quick, and you can be as creative as you like. So Exclaimer really is a game changer for that kind of marketing.”

Measuring marketing program performance

As well as the professional design capabilities, AP&C is very impressed with how Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud provides detailed analytics insights on the effectiveness of campaigns:

Andrew: “The technology enables us to link up our marketing programs to our clients’ signatures.”

Victoria: “The analytics and reporting dashboard are also fantastic as it gives us a real feel as to where our clicks are going and engagement across the signatures. It’s a fantastic platform that provides a unified solution across our whole business.”

A bright future

Victoria: “We’re going to use Exclaimer for seasonal and time-based campaigns, and really integrate it into a lot of our other marketing campaigns. We are also going to tailor it to our individual business needs across different departments. And we’re going to sell Exclaimer licenses to our partners, which we’re really excited about and looking forward to.”

Andrew: “The future for AP&C and Exclaimer, I believe, is going to be really successful. The team at Exclaimer is fantastic to work with, and we’re really going to be pushing this [Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud] out to our clients.”

About Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

Marketing professionals increasingly want to exploit the value of business email as a personalized engagement channel as part of their broader digital marketing strategies. Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud allows for the easy design and management of professional email signatures and assigning them to specific groups or employees based on the organization’s needs.

Find out how Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud will augment your marketing efforts.


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Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud

United Kingdom

Simplify Email Signature Management
Ensure Brand Consistency
Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Andrew Watts CEO

The challenge
  • Managing email signatures for different users, teams, and audiences was too complex
  • Designing email signatures took too long to achieve a professional quality
  • The native capabilities of Office 365 weren’t suitable for email signature marketing opportunities
The solution
  • Swift, managed rollout of Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud across the organization
  • Plans to sell additional Exclaimer licenses to its marketing clients
The benefits
  • Tailored email signatures for different audiences that are quick and easy to manage and design
  • The ability to run seasonal and time-based campaigns via email signatures
  • Email signature marketing successfully added to AP&C’s range of digital marketing services

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