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4 Examples of Plain Text Email Signature Templates

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A plain text email signature, as the name suggests, is a signature that is made of just text with no imagery. The plain text format incorporates no HTML code in its design. It does not allow for any formatting options such as font size adjustments and italicizing text. There is often little variation in the design, and it is simple to implement one.

At its most basic, a signature of this type includes personal information such as name, job title, department, phone number, and email address. Signatures can still be used for marketing communications, but there will be no specific brand elements or creative flare on display within a plain text email signature.

In this age of HTML signature designs, using plain text email signatures can be seen as a bit boring. However, there are advantages to using this format if you have no design skills:

  • Your email signature template will be supported by all email clients
  • The size of your emails will be small as there are no images
  • There is less chance of your emails being marked as spam due to HTML code

If you don't send emails very often, then this is the best choice for you. However, if you want a professional email signature that really promotes your company, it is strongly recommended that you create an HTML template incorporating your branding.

The following examples are very similar in style due to the limitations of the plain text format:

Example plain text email signature templates

Plain text signature with lots of information.

Plain text versions of email signature templates will often look like this. They will include fuIl contact information and an email disclaimer.

Plain text rmail signature template with contact details for the sender and PA.

A plain text email signature example with the sender's details and contact details of their Personal Assistant.

Simple plain text email signature template.

This email signature template uses links on the phone numbers and the main web link. It is also ideal for a plain text mobile email signature.

Plain text mail signature template with email disclaimer.

Another plain text signature example with an email disclaimer but laid out slightly differently.

At the end of the day, if you use a plain text email signature, you'll still want to make sure that it presents your organization in a favorable light.

You might not be using HTML formatting, but you'll want to:

  • Use web safe fonts like Calibri and Verdana
  • Test to see how the design looks on different devices (always think with mobile devices in mind)
  • Avoid using too much color (plain text often works best with no color other than black)
  • Make sure your email disclaimer isn't too long and overwhelms the contact information

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