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The Top 10 Festive Christmas Email Signature Templates

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Display banner from a Christmas email signature template

Is your company planning on running a special offer over the Christmas holiday period? Hosting a festive event? Releasing a new product? Then a festive Christmas email signature template placed at the bottom of your message is the perfect place to promote your seasonal offerings.

Many companies tend to inform their customers of their Christmas opening hours and offerings by posting on social media, sending a marketing email or adding a banner to their website. However, you can reach more people by displaying this information in a Christmas email footer.

Every email sent by your employees is an opportunity to make your customers aware of what you’re doing over the festive season. For example, letting your customers know when you’re open is not only important for countries that celebrate Christmas but also for international customers whose offices will be open over the festive period. A Christmas signature is also perfect for promoting special offers or events you might be hosting throughout December.

Examples of Christmas email signature templates

Whether you prefer to keep it simple or go all out with your design, there are many different ways you can add a festive feel to your signature. Check out our top 10 Christmas email signature templates below for all the inspiration you need.

  1. Christmas is often a time for charity, so this email signature template focuses on a shoebox appeal. The design also goes for an overall “winter” theme by using snowflake imagery.

    Christmas email signature template focusing on charity
  2. This design uses a variety of festive imagery to share a "Merry Christmas" message.

    Merry Christmas message in email signature

  3. This Christmas email signature template has changed the standard social media icons into baubles. You could do something similar using stars and snowflakes to really create a festive design.

    Christmas email signature template - social media baubles

  4. Christmas jumpers are popular during the festive season. This template asks a recipient to check out the company’s Christmas jumper collection, perfect if you work in retail or the clothing industry.

    Christmas jumper theme in email signature

  5. If you use a photo in your email signature, add a Santa hat above the photo. If you don’t use photos, put a Santa hat on your company logo instead. This is a great way to add some fun to your standard email signature design.

    Christmas themed photo design in email signature

  6. This signature template uses a Christmas-themed signature banner that highlights a digital marketing promotion.

    Christmas tree in email signature

  7. Some companies don’t like to use overt Christmas imagery in their email signature templates. If this is the case, think of using a winter/summer theme depending on where in the world you’re based.

    Winter themed email signature design

  8. This design uses a Christmas jumper theme to make the footer really stand out in a recipient’s inbox.

    Christmas jumper-themed email signature template

  9. This signature uses Christmas packaging as its overall theme, while also highlighting a seasonal sale.

    Christmas email signature design with packaging

  10. If you’re an international company, you can use your email banner to promote Christmas messaging in different languages.

    Christmas email signature template - Language

Other holiday season email signature tips

When creating a Christmas footer to corporate emails, remember to check if the template is mobile friendly. You don’t want all of your festive imagery to reformat itself and take up the whole screen!

Also, remember to make sure your Christmas signature still complies with your corporate branding and logo. Just because the design will have a festive theme doesn’t mean you can forget about consistency and your brand guidelines.

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