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Software maintenance agreement

Online support

Comprehensive video tutorials, technical guides and additional documentation are available 24/7 at support.exclaimer.com

Supported Exclaimer products (on-premises and cloud)

  • Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud
  • Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud
  • Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up
  • Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up
  • Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition
  • Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition
  • Exclaimer Mail Archiver
  • Exclaimer Auto Responder
  • Exclaimer Email Alias Manager for Exchange
  • Exclaimer Template Editor

If you have a current SMA for discontinued products (see here) you will still receive technical support service on the discontinued product until the date your SMA expires.

If you have purchased a separate third party product through Exclaimer, the SMA typically does not cover that third party product (unless we state it does when you purchase the product) and support can be purchased from the third party directly.

Updates and upgrades

“Upgrades” means minor functional enhancements; modifications and extensions.

“Updates” mean error corrections or bug fixes to the Exclaimer Products.

Upgrades and Updates do not include a version of the Product that includes significant new functionality and/or other enhancements, as well as additional new products in either case released generally by Exclaimer as a new product offering subject to payment of an additional fee and/or additional terms.

Supported customers are offered all product updates and upgrades free of charge. Only the latest version or the directly preceding version of the Exclaimer software is supported.

Supported Microsoft systems

The SMA is valid for all Microsoft operating systems and software that the Exclaimer products supports (see release notes for your product for full list).

If the Microsoft Operating System or Software is no longer supported by Microsoft, Exclaimer will still attempt to resolve the issue on a reasonable efforts basis. However, if this is caused by an unsupported system, we reserve the right to request you update your system to the latest version before offering any additional support.

Raising a support ticket

Exclaimer Support provides dedicated technical support via the creation of an online support ticket. All Support customers must raise a support ticket by visiting www.exclaimer.com/support/raise-ticket.

The support case will then be allocated to an Exclaimer Support Engineer who will contact you within 6 working hours, depending on the severity of the case. Remote desktop sessions are arranged in advance, subject to the Exclaimer Support team’s availability.

Support is available via email, live chat, telephone, and remote support using TeamViewer.

Support is available 24/5 from the following times:

  • Australia/Asia: Mon 05:00 – Sat 08:00 AEST
  • United Kingdom/Europe/Africa: Sun 19:00 – Fri 22:00 GMT
  • Americas: Sun 14:00 – Fri 17:00 EST

Save on migrations

Supported customers will be eligible for discounts on product migrations, e.g. moving from Exclaimer Signature Manager to Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud. Technical assistance for installations and setup is offered as a courtesy. The template design is offered as a separate chargeable service.

Continued stability

We test our software with every new update to Exchange, Windows, and all the systems it relies on; if you aren't running with the latest Updates or Upgrades, you aren't getting that crucial level of stability.

For customers using Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition with Office 365 (now Microsoft 365), authentication requirements implemented by Microsoft means the software will no longer interact with Outlook Web Access. We recommend migrating to Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud in this instance as it fully supports Microsoft's new authentication method.

Mandatory minimum SMA

For on-premises solutions, you must purchase an SMA of at least one year when you first buy any product – after that first year, we leave it at your discretion to renew your SMA. For cloud solutions, SMA is automatically included in the subscription price for as long as you continue your Exclaimer subscription.

See below for details on how to renew your SMA.

Compliance obligation

For organizations with requirements to keep all information systems up to date, the Exclaimer SMA is essential.

Having access to the current, trusted, and approved version, depending on which one you use, could be vital to its continued function – and our guarantee of its ongoing integrity.

Terms of support

When you purchase SMA (whether on-premises or cloud solution) for the first time or when you renew your SMA, the terms and conditions of the then-current applicable end user license agreement (“EULA”) for the applicable product apply to this SMA and provision of support and maintenance to you and the SMA is provided subject to those terms - see www.exclaimer.com/legal.

Renewing your SMA

In order to renew your SMA, speak to us on [email protected] or, if you've been dealing directly with a certain member of the Exclaimer staff, ask them to help get your renewal processed – we're happy to help. If you are purchasing through an Exclaimer partner then please contact them directly – make sure you renew in time to ensure continuity!

Applying your renewal

After purchasing your renewal, you will be sent a new license key by email. Instructions on how to apply your license are attached to that email, but can also be found on our knowledge base here.

  • How to check on your expiry status: The software should display its supported status on the 'Licensing' tab – but feel free to contact us on [email protected] or your Exclaimer partner at any time if you need assistance.

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