What Is Email Archiving?

An email archive is a very high-volume, very long-term email store, built for rapid search. Email Archiving is the process of building and maintaining that store. In the context of an archive, high volume and long term often means every email your organization has ever sent or received.

Archiving is different than what your Exchange store does. Your Exchange store is built around the familiar mailbox concept that allows users to read and manage their emails. They structure their mailboxes in hierarchical folders, they move and delete emails and generally, they aren't allowed to look at anyone else's.

In short, your Exchange Store is built to work like a wall of filing cabinets (one for each user) whereas an email Archive is built more like the Internet.

Why Archive Email?
(You're Never Too Small)

Although compliance has been a key driver for archiving in the past, it's about much more than the law. Check out the ways your organization can benefit from email archiving software by reading our paper – or read on for a summary.

Email System Performance

As Exchange stores get bigger, their performance degrades and they get harder to manage - they might even exceed Exchange's preset limits. Administrators can respond in several ways:

  • Do nothing until the point Exchange breaks down
  • Impose malbox size limits and frustrate users who demand a complete email history
  • Allow users to move emails to unmanaged pst files

None of these options is especially attractive and typically, Administrators go for option 3 leading to a situation often described as PST hell. Maintaining an email archiving solution allows Adminitsrators to impose reasonable mailbox size limits in exchange for offering end users high speed search access to every mail they ever sent or received.

Exclaimer products should be a standard option for everyone with Exchange
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Business Intelligence

You've got all the electronic correspondence your business has ever generated or received in a central, searchable resource – that's a great opportunity to gain insight.

  • Rapidly access all emails between your organization and a supplier, customer or partner - no matter who sent them and when
  • Supervise staff activity – address dishonesty or inefficiency issues
  • Access every email relevant to a legal or internal dispute in seconds

Enhanced User Experience

Search interfaces offered by email archiving software offer Google-like access to your email store. Users can find whole conversations much more naturally and rapidly.

Unlike the folder structures in Outlook, typing a search query doesn't require intimate knowledge of the folder structure. You enter a word, a date, a contact and see every relevant email in seconds. Looking for an email conversation you had six years or even six months ago is different to flicking through your email first thing in the morning. It requires a different approach and a different interface. As we've learned from the internet, search beats hierarchy.


Many organizations typically of a certain size or sector are now required by law to maintain a tamper proof email archive. There are many recent high profile examples of legal cases and government enquries that placed a heavy reliance on email evidence. That evidence was very probably obtained from an email archive.

What Are My Options?

Email archiving solutions range from dedicated hardware products that 'plug' into an organization's email infrastructure through cloud based solutions to on-premise email archiving software solutions requiring a SQL server installation.

Many of the alternatives are expensive to buy and expensive to run, putting the advantages of email archiving out of reach of smaller organizations.

Exclaimer Mail Archiver isn't like that. It's been designed from the ground up to be simple to install and configure, cost significantly less than the competition to buy and run and be easy to live with over the very long term.

Doesn't Exchange Do Archiving?

Yes – but with a compliance focus. It won't improve business intelligence, system performance, user experience or overall costs - especially since you'll need Enterprise CALs.

What Next?

Learn all about Mail Archiver using the resources on this website or attend one of our regular webinars on email archiving software. When you're ready, you can download Mail Archiver for a free, fully featured and fully supported trial.

Exclaimer products are installed in thousands of networks all over the world processing millions of emails per day in some of the largest organizations on the planet. We know our products work for them and we’re sure they'll work for you.