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Top 10 Email Signature Marketing DOs & DON'Ts


By Exclaimer

The use of email signature marketing is one of the most untapped branding and lead generation tools at a company’s disposal. It is the perfect avenue to promote your brand or advertising message in each of the thousands of emails sent out daily by your organization with promotional banners.

Email signature marketing works great on mobiles when done correctly.

For more details, check out our top 10 email signature marketing DOs & DON'Ts that will provide great benefits for your organization.

1. DO use email signatures as a marketing channel

By the end of 2016, it is predicted that global business email volumes will rise to 143.8 billion per day. This is the perfect opportunity to take your corporate emails to the next level by updating email signatures to reflect the marketing campaigns that you are currently running.

Place link and banner adverts underneath the last part of email signatures so that every recipient who sees your corporate emails will know what your company is up to.

2. DON’T miss out on over 360,000 marketing opportunities a year

An average employee sends 35 emails a day, which continues to rise each year. In a 50-person office, for example, you are looking at about 1,700 emails sent per day, or 360,000 additional marketing opportunities a year that your company could be missing out on.

Instead of spending lots of money on various marketing channels, you can turn the humble email signature into a low-cost high-volume tool that is guaranteed to reach thousands of people a day.

3. DO tell people about special promotions and latest offerings

If you are running a seasonal offer, use your email signature to shout about it to drive more interest. You could also highlight that you offer free trials of your products, announce new solutions, showcase a recent award you’ve won… there are so many different possibilities when you sit down and think about them.

You can have a number of email signature marketing campaigns running at any given time, with different messages being delivered to different segments of your email contacts.

An example of a Christmas email signature marketing message.

4. DON’T think signature banners are less useful than online advertising

Your website will showcase your latest offerings to customers continuously, yet it will always gain less visits per day than the total number of emails that your organization sends.

Unlike other online marketing channels, you will often have a prior relationship with every email recipient and will already know what you plan to discuss with them. This lets you align the messaging of your email signature with the email content you send.

5. DO get people to visit your corporate blog

Now, this is only effective if your company keeps one updated on a regular basis, but email signatures are a great place to introduce recipients to your corporate blog.

Email signatures can even include an RSS feed, which will show the title of your most recent blog post and automatically update every time a new article is published. This means that you are not only providing new content on a regular basis, but also promoting it to the right target audience.

Email signature marketing is great for promoting events and special offers.

6. DO highlight events you’re going to attend

Are you going to an event? Are you going to be exhibiting at a tradeshow? Talking at a conference? Using a promotional banner in your email signature ensures that your organization’s most important contacts stay in the know and can potentially spread the word about the event.

It may also help you generate more registrants, but at the very least it will definitely gain more awareness among your target audience.

7. DON’T forget to capture data

A recipient can engage with any promotional banners in corporate email signatures, but if you don’t know who these people are or if they have taken any affirmative action, you can’t find out which banners are the most effective.

Use Google Analytics to create a parameter within each link in a banner. You can then easily record a recipient’s details without interrupting the user experience. If that sounds too complicated, there are third party email signature solutions that can integrate Google Analytics for you.

8. DO shout about content your company has created

Have you written a book? Had a white paper published? Share a link to this content in your email signature to build credibility and authority with the recipients you communicate with.

You can do this either via a plain text link or a promotional email signature banner. Either way, you will be turning your emails into a valuable lead generation tool that will mean your content is viewed by more people.

9. DON’T forget to remove out-of-date banners

If your email signature is promoting a summer sale in December, then the banner is no longer fit for purpose. Make sure that you regularly update your signature banners and try to schedule them in advance if you can. That way, when an event or special offer has finished, the banner will automatically be removed from all user’s email signatures.

10. DO use promo banners for internal communications

Are there some new internal job opportunities? Do you have a new clean-desk policy? Do employees need to be reminded to turn their computers off at night? An email signature can easily incorporate internal communications without having to get your users to do anything extra.

Email reaches all staff no matter what time of day it is. Using banners on internal messages means you can make sure employees are constantly aware of what’s going on within your company.

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