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Office 365 Email Signatures

Learn more about how to create and manage an Office 365 email signature.

Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 is becoming increasingly popular for all types of organizations and is rapidly changing the way that we all do business. However, one of the more challenging aspects of moving to Office 365 is centrally managing users’ email signatures. With this in mind, let us guide you through the process of creating an Office 365 email signature and provide some additional useful tips to help you.

Office 365 email signature template

Create an Office 365 email signature

Office 365 disclaimer function

The Office 365 disclaimer function


Office 365 email signatures - CANs & CAN'Ts

Transport Rules in Office 365

Office 365 Transport Rules

Office 365 signature issues

Why is my Office 365 signature not working?

Guest article - Loryan Strant

Exchange Online vs Exclaimer Cloud

(by Loryan Strant - Microsoft MVP)

Comparing Office 365 with Signatures for Office 365

Office 365 vs Signatures for Office 365


Office 365 email signatures – easier than ever with Exclaimer

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