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101 Email Signature Templates & Designs


By Exclaimer

Why make a good email signature design?

An excellent example of an email signature template optimized for mobile.

It’s just an email signature, right? In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that important compared to other corporate branding. Who really cares what your email signature looks like?

However, email is still the most widely used form of correspondence within modern business, far exceeding letters, instant messaging and social media. You then begin to see how important it is to develop official email signature templates that everyone uses.

The importance of professional email signatures

An example of an email signature template using images to enhance its message.

What do you think your customers, suppliers and partners will think if you have a poor email signature? Will they really want to do business with an organization that treats an important part of their branding so shabbily?

With some thought and effort put into your HTML email signature design, sometimes known as an email footer design, it will positively impact your brand image and offer you an additional avenue with which to market your business.

Example email signature templates with images

A Christmas email signature template with seasonal images. An email signature design with large HTML images.

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With mobiles in mind

An example of a mobile email signature.

Did you know that 51% of all emails are opened on a mobile device and that iOS is the most popular email client?

Whenever you send an email, there is a high chance that it will be read on a mobile, so it is in your best interest to make sure that your email signature looks great across all devices. Oh, and “Sent from my iPhone” does not count as a proper email footer design!

Example mobile email signature templates

Mobile email signature example with limited contact details. Mobile email signature example with social media.

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Corporate email as a marketing tool

An example of email signature marketing being used.

Your website showcases your latest offerings to customers on a constant basis, yet it gains less visits per day than the total number of emails your organization sends.

Using email banners ensures that your marketing activities get a valued boost and will reach a large targeted audience.

Example email signature templates with promotional banners

Promotional banner showcasing a new retail selection in this email signature example. Signature banner with strong imagery.

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Consistency across the organization

Email signature templates should be consistent for all users and all devices.

An HTML email signature design doesn’t have to wildly creative, but it does need to be consistent. Every employee needs to use the same design and format. This comes complete with your company logo and appropriate imagery.

The best way to do this is let your IT department take email signature control away from employees manually or using a third-party solution. This means they won’t be able to copy a signature they’ve designed into their email client. You can then create a professional email signature for different reasons. You can even go so far as to create seasonal variations such as Christmas email signatures.

Example Christmas email signature templates

Christmas email signature template focusing on charity Merry Christmas message

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Dynamic social media content

An email signature template example with social media elements.

If you’re not promoting your social media in email signatures, you are missing out on a great opportunity to get loads of new fans for free and introduce your customers to your Twitter feed, Facebook page and RSS feeds.

By using social media icons in email signatures, you’re offering your target market another avenue to continue a business relationship with you outside of traditional communication channels.

Example email signature templates with social media

Charity email signature template with dominant social media icons. Subtle use of social media icons in the signature template.

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Spruce up your email footer design

An example of a high-quality email signature template design.

Crazy fonts and colors are not welcome here. People need to be able to read the signature and it needs to look professional.

Too many companies let employees implement email signatures themselves, giving them full control of the layout. This leads to situations where important contact information is not added, job titles get changed, and poor designs are created.

Example professional email signature designs

Create professional email signatures that go beyond just contact details An example of a professional email signature

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Giving your business legal protection

An example of a signature with an email disclaimer.

The consequences of not using an email disclaimer should never be ignored. You can potentially receive large financial penalties for every email you send without adding an appropriate disclaimer within your email footer design.

The email disclaimer you use depends on the industry you work in, but it will be designed to minimize legal exposure. Issues like defamation, misdirected emails, and unintended contract formations make disclaimers important for all organizations.

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Examples of text-based email signature templates

Email signature with plenty of contact details An example of email signature templates using a detailed email disclaimer.

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Examples of plain text email signature templates

Plain text signature with lots of information. Email signature template with contact details for the sender and PA.

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