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By Exclaimer

An average user sends 35 external emails a day. In a 50-person office, that could mean an additional 360,000 marketing opportunities a year for your organization.

Start using email signature marketing

What do you think when you hear the term ‘email marketing’? You probably think of email newsletters. Email marketing is often perceived as untrustworthy due to the amount of spam people receive every day. More and more companies are beginning to realize the power of using standard corporate emails as an effective marketing medium for both potential and existing customers.

By employing effective email signature marketing, you can harness a low-cost, high-volume and trusted marketing channel.

What is Email Signature Marketing?

What is email signature marketing?

Top 10 email signature marketing tips

Top 10 email signature marketing DOs & DON'T

Top 8 reasons

Top 8 reasons to use email signature marketing

Email signature surveys

Email signature surveys

Relevant email signature banners

Keep an email signature banner relevant

Sales & email signatures

Email signatures as a sales tool

The Christmas email signature

Christmas email signature tips

Tracking link clicks in email signatures

Tracking link clicks in email signatures

Include Exclaimer Cloud in your Marketing Plans

Include Exclaimer Cloud in your Marketing Plans

(by Christian Buckley - Microsoft MVP)

Use promotional banners for email signature marketing purposes.

For more great tips on how to create your own email signature marketing campaigns, check out our official Email Signatures for Dummies guide and download your free copy today.

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