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Text Based Email Signature Templates


By Exclaimer

Text-based email signatures utilize text and minimal graphical imagery. When creating a signature of this kind, a simple layout is always best. If you are using images and logos, you'll need to make sure that appropriate ALT-Text is used. You'll also need to avoid using unique fonts, colors and graphics that don't conform to your brand guidelines.

Additional tips include making the font easy to read and not letting users modify your design if you have that option. Also, as a final piece of advice, don't add motivational quotes to your signature. No matter how good your intentions are, you will more than likely break your company’s brand guidelines and undermine your professionalism.

The email signature templates below come in variety of different layouts and are almost guaranteed to appear correctly within any email client.

Remember, having an email signature accompanied by your company logo and contact details makes you look legitimate as a corporate organization and helps to build brand recognition among your contacts.

Email signature with plenty of contact details
An email signature template with plenty of contact information, strong corporate logo and email disclaimer.
An example of email signature templates using a detailed email disclaimer.
Company logo with detailed email disclaimer and corporate logo under contact details.
Professional email signature built with HTML tables.
Clean and professional looking email signature template with company logo and contact details. The design has been built using HTML tables.
A text-based email signature template example.
Very simple text-based email signature with no logo or imagery.
Clean email signature template with logo.
Clean company signature with corporate logo and email disclaimer.
Text-based email signature template with logo image on top.
Signature with image at the top and various contact details below.
Signature with URL link to main website.
An email signature template using full contact details including URL to main website.
Email signature template with borders at the top and bottom of the design.
Email signature template using borders in the design.
An example of an email signature template divided into different sections.
Text-based email signature split into various sections for the contact details.
Email signature template built using HTML tables.
Signature using HTML tables to separate out corporate imagery and contact details. The design is rounded off with an email disclaimer.
Tiered email signature with contact details, logo and disclaimer.
Simple email signature design with full contact details, simple usage of the corporate logo and email disclaimer.
An example of an email signature template used by a customer services department.
Email signature utilized for customer service purposes. The design is enhanced with a photo image of the sender.
Business card style email signature.
Simple business card style signature with logo and contact details.
Detailed email signature template with photo image.
Detailed signature with photo image, multiple office location details and email disclaimer.
An example of a green email signature template design.
Green colored email signature with an additional environmental message.
Signature template with large corporate logo and text links.
The corporate logo is the main star of this email signature design, complete with additional text links.

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