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Email Signature Templates with HTML Images


By Exclaimer

HTML images in email signatures are fairly standard these days. The email signature templates below use imagery to send a strong professional message to recipients. Email signature examples like this are eye-catching and would really stand out in someone's inbox.

For more details on how to add HTML images to an email signature, check out these helpful guides:

A Christmas email signature template with seasonal images.
An email signature with a corporate logo, promoting the time it has been in business for and additional seasonal imagery. Christmas email signature templates are always popular in Europe, North America and Australasia in December.
An email signature design with large HTML images.
A large corporate logo and award finalist image play a large part in this email signature design.
An email signature template with HTML images and logos.
This signature is text-based but then uses a number of HTML images to promote the organization's expertize.
Email signature template with numerous corporate logo images.
An HTML email signature design with logos for the different parts of the organization.
An HTML email signature template with call-to-action image, award logos and social media icons.
An email signature image is used to create a strong call-to-action. Additional award images are placed next to the social media icons and under the email disclaimer.
Another signature design with large images used in conjunction with text.
Another email signature example using text for the contact details and additional HTML images underneath.
Email signature design with customer satisfaction images.
Numerous HTML images are used in this email signature design to promote customer satisfaction.
An email signature template using HTML images to promote authority.
HTML images are used in this email signature design to promote the accreditations this organization has achieved.
An email signature example of a design promoting a number of award wins with images.
This organization has won a number of awards so promotes them using HTML images in its email signature.
Email signature template with an industry award logo.
Another email signature template design that showcases an industry award win via an HTML image.
HTML images are used to accentuate the overall design of this signature.
Subtle imagery is used to add additional information to this signature design.
Images are used in this signature example to promote this organization's authority.
In this design, HTML email signature images such as a corporate logo and accreditations showcase that the organization is a trusted authority in its field.
Numerous logos and accreditation images make up this signature design.
Another email signature template that shows recipients the accreditations the company has achieved via HTML images.
Email signature images are used to promote an event and an award win.
Images play a large part in this email signature template, promoting an event the company will be attending and an award win.
An email signature template that uses simple HTML images to promote an award win.
The organization's corporate logo is used alongside an award certification image in this email signature.
The corporate logo makes up the first part of this email signature design.
The corporate logo is the first part you see in this email signature example, which comes complete with an additional image showcasing a partnership.
Large images play a big part of this email signature template.
Images are used to accentuate the design of this email signature template.

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