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Email Signature Examples - Email Disclaimers

An email disclaimer is a legal requirement in most developed countries. The idea is that including one in an email limits your organization's liability and reduces the risk of financial penalties.

The specific content of email disclaimers vary. You may even have to comply with various regulations on where it goes and at what font size. Furthermore, sections of each disclaimer may require a level of personalization. Simply writing ‘the sender’ and ‘the recipient’ for some adjudicators is not enough. Instead, you could be required to include the actual sender’s name (‘Joe Bloggs’, for example) to comply fully with the rules.

Almost all advanced markets have regulations that require businesses of certain sectors or sizes to include an email disclaimer. Some are sector-specific: healthcare, insurance, tax advice, financial services. In these cases, who needs the disclaimer can vary: strict policies or systems are required to make sure email remains compliant.

The email signature examples below give you a better idea of how to incorporate an email disclaimer into your designs.

For more information, check out our dedicated section on the email disclaimer.

Email signature example with detailed email disclaimer in place.
This email signature example has a comprehensive disclaimer in place with a confidentiality notice included.
An email disclaimer showing the registered company address.
A standard email disclaimer is included in this email signature example. It includes the company's registered company address details.
This email signature example makes the email disclaimer as the most dominant feature.
This design makes the email disclaimer very prominent so it is easy to read.
An email disclaimer using lighter colored text that the rest of the email signature design.
In this email signature example, the email disclaimer uses a lighter color so that it does not overpower the design.
Small disclaimer used to showcase basic legal information.
Only a small disclaimer is used giving the registered company number and VAT number.
Email signature example for an organization bound by HIPAA legislation.
This email signature example highlights HIPAA Privacy Rule Standards in the email disclaimer.
The email disclaimer is separate in this email signature example.
The email disclaimer is separated by borders so that it does not intrude on the rest of the signature design.
A detailed disclaimer is included in this email signature design.
Another example of a comprehensive email disclaimer in this signature.
An email signature example with small email disclaimer text.
The email disclaimer has very small text to cover simple liability.
An email signature design with an unobtrusive disclaimer.
This email signature example ensures that the disclaimer does not overshadow the main contact details.
An email signature example with the disclaimer appearing under HTML images.
In most signature templates, the email disclaimer is the last piece of information that will appear. Here it appears under the HTML email signature images.
An email signature template with a standard legal disclaimer appended.
A standard email disclaimer with the registered company details and standard liability information.
An email disclaimer using a different font typeface to the rest of the signature.
The disclaimer in this email signature template is designed to make the legal text stand out with the use of an italic font.
A small disclaimer is added to the end of this detailed email signature design.
An HTML email signature example that uses various elements. The email disclaimer appears at the end with little fanfare.
A small signature design with large email disclaimer.
The disclaimer plays a large part in this small email signature example. The signature includes basic contact details and a logo, whereas the disclaimer covers how the organization is bound by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority.
Business card style email signature template with comprehensive disclaimer.
The disclaimer in this email signature example is not part of the business card style design. It is a separate element so as not to interfere with the look of the signature.
Email disclaimer example relating to a specific US law.
In this email signature template, the disclaimer directly relates to the IRS Circular 230 legislation.

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