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Departmental Email Signatures


By Exclaimer

Email continues to be a mission-critical tool for businesses across the world. Rather than shrinking, email usage is expected to increase year-on-year by six percent for the foreseeable future. Even in a world that uses social media and instant messaging, email continues to be the communication modality of choice.

With this in mind, the use of the email signature is one of the most untapped branding and marketing generation tools at a company’s disposal. An average employee will send 35-40 emails per day, so think how many that equates to a year. The impact a professional email signature can have on a recipient is potentially huge, especially when different signatures are used by different departments.

Use email signatures for different departments.

Let’s take a look at how you and your company can make the most out of the email signature channel.

The Marketing department

An example of a marketing department's email signature.

The whole purpose of a Marketing department is to get an audience to interact with a brand. A marketing team will, as best practice, create a lot of marketing-related content to be deployed across various channels e.g. email, social media, direct mail etc. The objective is to target the right people with these marketing pieces in order to pique their interest enough that they decide to explore further.

However, marketing departments tend to have to spend a great amount of money to leverage all of these campaigns. Many companies don’t realize that the corporate email that is sent on a day-to-day basis can provide massive marketing and business benefits. An email signature is ideally suited to contain a clickable call-to-action that promotes something that is important about your company. It is the perfect avenue to promote a brand or lead generation message in each of the thousands of emails that are sent out daily with promotional banners.

Email signatures are perfect for promoting marketing materials such as:

  • Thought leadership e.g. reports, ebooks, blog etc.
  • Email newsletter sign-up links.
  • Direct links to your social media channels and web content.
  • Case studies and customer videos.
  • News about events, webinars and recent award wins.
  • Press releases and news articles.

When the email signature channel is used correctly, every employee’s email provides opportunities to engage and convert prospects and customers.

The Sales department

An example of a sales department's email signature.

While a marketer‘s primary objective is to drive engagement with your brand, a salesperson wants you to engage with the sales process. Whether it is pre-sales or getting final contracts confirmed, sale cares a lot about the process and making sure that prospects/customers see the true value of what your company provides.

An email signature, therefore, can actually do a lot of the sales work for you. You could use every email to guide your prospects on a journey where they could request an online demo, see a product video, view pricing and product features or even use an ROI calculator to see if what you’re offering is of benefit to them. With each click, they will understand your product or service better, with minimal effort on your part.

Use email signatures to allow prospects/customers to interact with tools such as:

  • Demonstration requests.
  • Product videos on something like YouTube or vimeo.
  • Pricing guides.
  • Product features.
  • ROI calculators.

Every email can then make your prospects/customers feel more confident as they pass through the sales process.

The Customer Services department

An example of a customer service department's email signature.

While Marketing wants you to interact with your brand and Sales wants you to engage with the process, a Customer Services department wants customers to learn more about what your company offers and provide added value for doing business with you. It exists to help customers get their questions answered, troubleshoot and solve problems as well as be there for the customer well past their initial purchase.

Email signatures can remind these customers of the tools and resources that are available to them and urge them to get in touch if they need help. These tools can include:

  • Support phone numbers and contact info.
  • Latest product release notes.
  • Overview of new products/services.
  • Landing page to suggest referrals.
  • Dedicated technical resources.
  • Opening time info.

That’s not all…

Are you thinking of other ways you could use email signature marketing? What about highlighting your standard terms and conditions? What about letting your HR department promote job openings? There is so much you can do with email signatures that the options are endless.

Let Exclaimer help

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