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Benefits of Email Signature Software Solutions


By Exclaimer

Business runs on email. Orders, quotes, complaints….they all occur over email. Why aren’t you using it for more marketing impact? Why aren’t you making your email signature do more?

Email is the one place you can guarantee total alignment with your segment of the market. After all, if recipients weren’t at least slightly relevant, you wouldn’t email them. Many organizations rely on the substantial rapport between their workforce and their contacts – whether they’re customers or suppliers – and email signatures are the only way to leverage that connection for marketing benefit and reciprocally reinforce that connection with marketing communications.

Connect through social media. Comply with legal regulations. Communicate marketing campaigns. Conform to brand guidelines. Certify your authority. Contact each other simply and easily. Cooperate and relate with colleagues using internal comms.

Email signature software makes signature management simple. Create great signature designs with email signature software.

The only way to manage all of these intelligently and effectively is through dedicated email signature software. You’re not just hoping your users will do it themselves or asking them to copy your email signature template. You’re not bargaining on IT wandering around the office pasting a new email signature template into Outlook or tinkering with your essential email systems.

You control the design conveniently and cheaply. It remains consistent on every email, even when you’re changing it to keep up with your evolving and reacting strategy. Your email signature becomes a high-volume and low-cost marketing channel.

The email signature channel won’t become the most important avenue for your marketing team or your organization, but it is an extremely efficient, effective and valuable tool when used intelligently.

Learn more about how email signature software solutions can benefit you below:

Email signature convenience


Email signature control


Email signature capture


Email signature changes


Email signature consistency


Email signature certainty


Email signature cost


Convenient Email Signature Updates with Software

Using a manual method to update email signatures is never easy. Whether you’re bickering with IT for hours about their input or sifting through email after email to scan for errors in the email signature template, they all pose a hefty demand on time.

As useful as they are, we know that email signatures are never going to be your primary marketing communications channel. They’re great for building on comms you already have, but they won’t supersede or replace them. If you can't make convenient email signature updates, you’re never going to use them to their maximum business benefit. You will sooner or later tire of updating them.

When it’s a few clicks though, you can do whatever you need as soon as you need to.

Software solutions make it possible to carry out convenient email signature updates.

It’s daunting carrying out a mass load of email signature updates without a software solution to do it for you. That’s why so many signatures end up in a state of disuse and disrepair - no one wants to tackle such an agitating and protracted task. So, email signature are left to go stale and we have staff mailing under ‘Supreme Being’ or ‘IT Amdin’.

By capitalizing on carrying out convenient email signature updates via a dedicated solution, marketing is more likely to try using the signature as a channel. When it can take weeks or a whole month just to set up one email signature, the initial cost of even testing the idea far outweighs the insight a little experiment might glean.

Being able to carry out convenient email signature updates is great for signature marketing.

However, when it is possible to carry out convenient email signature updates, marketing can explore for themselves the value of the signature – using this campaign banner to promote that event or embarking on a cross-media campaign to bring more contacts from corporate email onto social media.

Part of the problem, in many cases, is also internal disagreement within the marketing department. Much as the needs and nuances of the market may change, marketing strategy and paradigms are liable to shift – what we like one minute may not be in favor the next. So, when there is a delay in carrying out email signature updates, it increases the likelihood that someone within marketing will decide or realize that there’s some aspect of the email signature that should change.

Of course, another issue here is IT resistance. When it’s simple for everyone involved, no one minds if marketing changes an email signature. When IT have to manually visit each computer in the building and copy/paste a new email signature design, however, they have a vested interest in convincing the marketing department not to request that change. You may encounter pushback from IT or stalling tactics.

Email signature software solutions make signature updates happen quickly for all.

Now, in the vast majority of cases, IT will be friendly and cooperative, but marketing may require several cycles of reviews before the email signature is approved. IT may not be ready for that and might become frustrated at the changes requested of them. These professionals are used to simply seeing a problem and then setting up its solution rather than having to go back to square one every time someone has a better idea.

Don’t forget that the end user will be hit by the inconvenience of doing signature updates manually. They don’t want to have to stop working just to copy/paste then customize an email signature template. It’s too much hassle for them. Software and services let you carry out convenient email signature updates in seconds.

As soon as you save your email signature template, every single user will have a design that matches. You simply click ‘Save’ and it’s done.

Change that email signature design as soon as you need to or set that template so names fit more consistently – inconvenience won’t be an obstacle again.

Control Email Signatures with Software

With a software solution, you always get to control email signatures and have the final say on the design - not an unrelated department or the uninterested end user.

You expect to have authority over your corporate brochures and business cards, so now you can expect to have that control over all email signatures with dedicated software or services.

Email signature solutions and services remove the unknown quantity: individual staff activity. They may not comply with your instructions. Whether they ignore your signature template, misinterpret it or ‘improve’ upon it, all the manual options for updating email signatures leaves other staff in control rather than you.

Software solutions allow you to easily control email signatures.

Without the ability to control email signatures, there’s no room for any strategy. Software and services give you control over which employee gets which signature version, so you can separate different messages across different departments and how they correspond to different parts of the customer journey.

Being able to control email signatures lets you assign specialized signature templates to each team. This stops staff using a promotional banner they think looks nicer than the one you have supplied. People often think they know better than the marketing department, let alone about the corporate email they send every day.

You also get to control the benefit of the email signature. For example, staff may like a social media link so much that they change it to link to their own page. With central control, no one can hijack the value the signature brings.

The added value of using email signature software is turning every employee’s email into a business tool, be it for legal or marketing. Without some control, you can’t do that. It has to be a corporate piece of collateral on an individual piece of correspondence. It’s your management-controlled content over their individually created communication.

If you can't control email signatures, you can't control their benefits.

If it’s an individual’s piece of collateral, they might not remember to consider all those higher level business aims like reinforcing brand awareness or communicating marketing messages.

However, if you update the email signature in an editor where what you see is what you get, there’s no need to transcribe it into abstract code or ask the end user to make/copy/paste their own.

Two common reasons for email signature control do not spring to mind at first, which are disagreement and disillusionment.

The first is that, some staff will always think that your official email signature template somehow is not as suitable as their own signature design. They’ll make changes, use their own version or add some element in to make it ‘better’. Whether each member of staff just copies and pastes their crudely designed signature template into their email client or IT adds it to a custom script, you invite in another group to muddle or meddle with the original signature design.

Email signature software makes controlling signature elements an easier process.

The second is that with each change or correction you ask end users to make, they’ll take your email signature updates less and less seriously. Whether it’s IT doing it for you or every user, they’re exposed to every phase of the review and revision process. Just like you would put off external contacts with a poorly designed signature, colleagues may question if your organization can get anything right. It becomes negative internal comms for marketing and, worst of all, it looks petty.

With central control via software solutions, this is not a concern. Instead, you’re editing and creating signatures directly, so you don’t need to depend on another team to enact any changes. Any task that involves a separate team always gets convoluted and delayed, while email signature software solutions keep it all within the marketing team.

IT may be a big help setting all email signatures up, and that’s what they’re glad to do, but now they don’t have to worry about the signature design or your strategic changes, which they tend to dislike.

Capture Data in Email Signatures with Software

It’s like the email signature channel was made for capturing data… at least, when you have software solutions. How many people clicked on that campaign banner you added? Which department were they in contact with? How did they behave on the landing page? Dedicated software or solutions let you capture data in email signatures and give you the same insights that you get from all of your other digital marketing.

Software or services can add a ‘custom variable’ to the end of every link in each user’s email signature. This could be unique to each member of staff or even an email recipient. So, when they click on a link in the email signature, you can see in Google Analytics exactly whose signature they clicked on, what they did when they reached that page and even what their email address is.

Create a dedicated campaign where you capture data in email signatures.

As you know who each department is in touch with, you can get marketing data on your email recipients. If the sales team’s emails generate more clicks than the account management’s, potential customers might be more engaged than current customers or even within a single team. You know which sales staff deal with which type of client, so maybe you could infer what the large organizations want and what the small firms don’t.

Now here’s where you customize that follow-up strategy. Software solutions can log when a contact clicks in your CRM or marketing automation system. You can even make a point of following up contacts who click a particular link. Ask that client if they want to try the product they clicked on, for example, or attend the event in the banner they saw. As you’ve linked up their identity with their interaction, you can have your staff act on their page visit in a timely, targeted, tactical manner.

Now we want to look at actually using the data to customize a landing page. Before we continue, we guess you know a page can be set to adjust itself based on the URL a visitor approaches from – for example, if it includes ‘/colour=?&blue', it might change its background to blue.

With email signature solutions, you can change the link in every signature based on the recipient’s email address. All the links in an email signature sent to you could have ‘/[email protected]’ at the end. Then, your CRM system can match that email address to a contact entry – a multinational could display regional phone numbers depending on the email contact’s location worldwide. See how great having the ability to capture data in email signatures can be?

Having the ability to capture data in email signatures will give your marketing a boost.

This is impossible with manual resources alone. Try editing every email signature by hand to add a long, illegible code, then multiply the size of that task by the number of links in the email signature. Even very small companies would have hundreds of links to embed.

By now, it should be clear that being able to capture data in email signatures is important and should be a key part of any marketing strategy.

Easily Change Email Signatures with Software

Marketing is defined by change. Products change, customers change, brands change, situations change, competitors change, systems change, environments change, so marketing strategy has to constantly keep up. Email signature software and services have a valuable part to play here.

Your organization’s marketing output is no different. Your advertisements will reflect a change in direction or your business card will relate to your new organizational structure. Being able to change email signatures must also be part of that set. In many ways, they’re an ideal channel for agile marketers and the most used medium in business.

Whether it’s the emergence of a new social media platform or a new responsibility for a long-standing department, what you put in your signature may need to change relatively quickly. Well, at least, too quickly to wait while every email signature in the company is manually updated.

Having the ability to change email signatures makes software and services a valuable proposition.

You’ll also use time-based marketing campaigns at some point, whether you’re in fashion and you need to promote your attendance at London Fashion Week or you’re just particularly festive and you want a Christmas-themed signature. If the email signature template becomes out-of-date, some recipients might think it looks unprofessional or inattentive.

People change too: they get married, divorced, promoted and so on. Email signature contact details obviously need to keep up. You can’t have the new Chief Technical Officer referred to as ‘Head of Support’ on their signature.

You need to be able to change email signatures as employees change.

Moreover, you’ve got an issue of legacy and changes. When your business details change, like you move offices or your international address format changes (.eu becomes .com), you’ll need to make sure your email signature warns your contacts before this change happens, explains it for the period shortly thereafter and then only shows the new signature. This means there’s an interim management task that email signature software solutions can dispense with smoothly.

With a software solution, being able to change email signature templates is as simple as saving a document. You change it, save it and the solution will update every email signature in the company.

However, do you want every signature in the company to be the same? Of course not. You may need to change it for each department such as giving account managers an out-of-hours phone number on their email signature but sales a mobile one instead. Email signature software lets you change signatures easily a variety of purposes.

Change a user's signature quickly with email signature software and services.

Beyond that, you may need to change email signatures on a short-term basis to add a promotional banner. If you want to promote that end-of-year discount, do you really think you’ll get everyone to update their email signature with this banner? Or remove it when the sale’s finished? Only software or services will automate that update and ensure everyone gets the latest signature without actively updating it themselves.

Get Consistent Email Signatures with Software

Have you thought about errors in your corporate email signature? From spelling mistakes to broken links, when your staff set up their own signature templates, you won’t like what comes back. If you care about your corporate brand, not having consistent email signatures should bother you greatly.

Even IT aren’t above a few errors - after all, they’re only human. If you had to copy/paste every single email signature template and personalize them manually, you might make a few mistakes too. Even more probable, but less forgivable, there are mistakes on the homemade programing they might use to give out email signatures. One slip-up in that dense HTML code could give all users a mess under their email or corrupt all their attachments.

Software and services not only automate transcription, so you won’t get a stray keystroke bringing down your business, but allow for signature template previews of how it will be displayed and who will get it.

Consistent email signatures should be a goal for all legitimate businesses.

With a preview function built into the software solution, you can make sure that every job title and name fits so you get consistent email signatures across the board. You can even check which departments have been assigned which versions of the email signature and check to make sure which one individual staff members fall under.

Consistent email signatures makes an organization look more professional.

From the job title to the phone number, every last pixel of the signature will be consistent with your design from the CEO’s desk to their secretary’s iPhone. These contact details may sound mundane, but in the instance where they’re caught and brought up, they seem very serious indeed. The problem is, without an email signature software solution or service, you can’t capture data on the effect it had - we can never tell how many people were put off by your ‘Sales Manger’ or your ‘COE’.

Email Signature Management Certainty

With software, you will always have total email signature management certainty.

With email signature software and solutions, you will have complete email signature management certainty and total control over a signature's design. There’s no risk that some other department or end user will do a hatchet job of recreating it or simply refuse to add it to their email.

You can be certain you’re free to change the email signature template at will. When the need arises, the software or service will let you make the adjustments you need, when you need to.

You can be certain that your email signature template will always be up-to-date with your company’s activity and evolving strategy.

You can be certain all email signatures are consistent across the whole organization. Each job title, every name and number are all automatically taken from the same database your IT staff already trust with all your systems.

You can be certain it’s convenient. There won’t be any unforeseen complications or lengthy follow-up tasks. When you’re done with your email signature design or edit, the job’s done.

You can be certain ROI can be captured with your email signature or almost any activity brought. Be certain that an event was a success by measuring how much your contacts clicked/read its page and how much they were interested.

You can be certain that costs will decrease. Whether it’s establishing which marketing campaigns work best through data captured or saving the IT team some time, email signature software solutions will help you save money. As soon as you set out to use email signature software, you can be sure that costs will only go down.

By choosing a third party solution to do the hard work for you, you always get complete email signature management certainty.

Cut Costs of Email Signature Updates

Inconvenience is costly. Inconsistency is costly. Ignorance is costly. Inflexibility is costly. Incapability is costly.

Dedicated solutions solve all of these issues and allow you to cut the cost of email signature updates at the same time. The time an IT admin might waste trotting from desk to desk with an email signature template to copy/paste is significant. With an instantly updating signature, they don’t even have to think about when or whether it changes as marketing will handle it. There’s no labor cost and email signature updates are instantly covered in a single mouse click.

That makes an email signature solution cheaper than labor. We’re talking about $5 per person – forever. That’s cheaper than even your lowest paid employee doing signature updates by hand. The time that you’ll have to spend on manually configuring email signature templates is far from free. This way, you dramatically cut the cost of email signature updates and save IT staff hours of their precious time.

You can cut the cost of email signature updates with third party tools.

Inconsistency costs you credibility. When the head of a whole division seemingly can’t spell their department’s name or the phone number in an email signature, the recipient wonder what it is your organization can get right!

You also can’t achieve anything through the email signature channel if you can’t control it. From the bungled spellings to the banner for a sale that’s long since ended, if one responsible team doesn’t have overall control over email signature management, all of the costs we mentioned will be more prevalent than ever. Where control is lost, costs are always found.

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