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Control Email Signatures with Software

With a software solution, you always get to control email signatures and have the final say on the design - not an unrelated department or the uninterested end user.

You expect to have authority over your corporate brochures and business cards, so now you can expect to have that control over all email signatures with dedicated software or services.

Email signature solutions and services remove the unknown quantity: individual staff activity. They may not comply with your instructions. Whether they ignore your signature template, misinterpret it or ‘improve’ upon it, all the manual options for updating email signatures leaves other staff in control rather than you.

Software solutions allow you to easily control email signatures.

Without the ability to control email signatures, there’s no room for any strategy. Software and services give you control over which employee gets which signature version, so you can separate different messages across different departments and how they correspond to different parts of the customer journey.

Being able to control email signatures lets you assign specialized signature templates to each team. This stops staff using a promotional banner they think looks nicer than the one you have supplied. People often think they know better than the marketing department, let alone about the corporate email they send every day.

You also get to control the benefit of the email signature. For example, staff may like a social media link so much that they change it to link to their own page. With central control, no one can hijack the value the signature brings.

The added value of using email signature software is turning every employee’s email into a business tool, be it for legal or marketing. Without some control, you can’t do that. It has to be a corporate piece of collateral on an individual piece of correspondence. It’s your management-controlled content over their individually created communication.

If you can't control email signatures, you can't control their benefits.

If it’s an individual’s piece of collateral, they might not remember to consider all those higher level business aims like reinforcing brand awareness or communicating marketing messages.

However, if you update the email signature in an editor where what you see is what you get, there’s no need to transcribe it into abstract code or ask the end user to make/copy/paste their own.

Two common reasons for email signature control do not spring to mind at first, which are disagreement and disillusionment.

The first is that, some staff will always think that your official email signature template somehow is not as suitable as their own signature design. They’ll make changes, use their own version or add some element in to make it ‘better’. Whether each member of staff just copies and pastes their crudely designed signature template into their email client or IT adds it to a custom script, you invite in another group to muddle or meddle with the original signature design.

Email signature software makes controlling signature elements an easier process.

The second is that with each change or correction you ask end users to make, they’ll take your email signature updates less and less seriously. Whether it’s IT doing it for you or every user, they’re exposed to every phase of the review and revision process. Just like you would put off external contacts with a poorly designed signature, colleagues may question if your organization can get anything right. It becomes negative internal comms for marketing and, worst of all, it looks petty.

With central control via software solutions, this is not a concern. Instead, you’re editing and creating signatures directly, so you don’t need to depend on another team to enact any changes. Any task that involves a separate team always gets convoluted and delayed, while email signature software solutions keep it all within the marketing team.

IT may be a big help setting all email signatures up, and that’s what they’re glad to do, but now they don’t have to worry about the signature design or your strategic changes, which they tend to dislike.

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