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Easily Change Email Signatures with Software

Marketing is defined by change. Products change, customers change, brands change, situations change, competitors change, systems change, environments change, so marketing strategy has to constantly keep up. Email signature software and services have a valuable part to play here.

Your organization’s marketing output is no different. Your advertisements will reflect a change in direction or your business card will relate to your new organizational structure. Being able to change email signatures must also be part of that set. In many ways, they’re an ideal channel for agile marketers and the most used medium in business.

Whether it’s the emergence of a new social media platform or a new responsibility for a long-standing department, what you put in your signature may need to change relatively quickly. Well, at least, too quickly to wait while every email signature in the company is manually updated.

Having the ability to change email signatures makes software and services a valuable proposition.

You’ll also use time-based marketing campaigns at some point, whether you’re in fashion and you need to promote your attendance at London Fashion Week or you’re just particularly festive and you want a Christmas-themed signature. If the email signature template becomes out-of-date, some recipients might think it looks unprofessional or inattentive.

People change too: they get married, divorced, promoted and so on. Email signature contact details obviously need to keep up. You can’t have the new Chief Technical Officer referred to as ‘Head of Support’ on their signature.

You need to be able to change email signatures as employees change.

Moreover, you’ve got an issue of legacy and changes. When your business details change, like you move offices or your international address format changes (.eu becomes .com), you’ll need to make sure your email signature warns your contacts before this change happens, explains it for the period shortly thereafter and then only shows the new signature. This means there’s an interim management task that email signature software solutions can dispense with smoothly.

With a software solution, being able to change email signature templates is as simple as saving a document. You change it, save it and the solution will update every email signature in the company.

However, do you want every signature in the company to be the same? Of course not. You may need to change it for each department such as giving account managers an out-of-hours phone number on their email signature but sales a mobile one instead. Email signature software lets you change signatures easily a variety of purposes.

Change a user's signature quickly with email signature software and services.

Beyond that, you may need to change email signatures on a short-term basis to add a promotional banner. If you want to promote that end-of-year discount, do you really think you’ll get everyone to update their email signature with this banner? Or remove it when the sale’s finished? Only software or services will automate that update and ensure everyone gets the latest signature without actively updating it themselves.

How Exclaimer Can Help:

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