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Convenient Email Signature Updates with Software

Using a manual method to update email signatures is never easy. Whether you’re bickering with IT for hours about their input or sifting through email after email to scan for errors in the email signature template, they all pose a hefty demand on time.

As useful as they are, we know that email signatures are never going to be your primary marketing communications channel. They’re great for building on comms you already have, but they won’t supersede or replace them. If you can't make convenient email signature updates, you’re never going to use them to their maximum business benefit. You will sooner or later tire of updating them.

When it’s a few clicks though, you can do whatever you need as soon as you need to.

Software solutions make it possible to carry out convenient email signature updates.

It’s daunting carrying out a mass load of email signature updates without a software solution to do it for you. That’s why so many signatures end up in a state of disuse and disrepair - no one wants to tackle such an agitating and protracted task. So, email signature are left to go stale and we have staff mailing under ‘Supreme Being’ or ‘IT Amdin’.

By capitalizing on carrying out convenient email signature updates via a dedicated solution, marketing is more likely to try using the signature as a channel. When it can take weeks or a whole month just to set up one email signature, the initial cost of even testing the idea far outweighs the insight a little experiment might glean.

Being able to carry out convenient email signature updates is great for signature marketing.

However, when it is possible to carry out convenient email signature updates, marketing can explore for themselves the value of the signature – using this campaign banner to promote that event or embarking on a cross-media campaign to bring more contacts from corporate email onto social media.

Part of the problem, in many cases, is also internal disagreement within the marketing department. Much as the needs and nuances of the market may change, marketing strategy and paradigms are liable to shift – what we like one minute may not be in favor the next. So, when there is a delay in carrying out email signature updates, it increases the likelihood that someone within marketing will decide or realize that there’s some aspect of the email signature that should change.

Of course, another issue here is IT resistance. When it’s simple for everyone involved, no one minds if marketing changes an email signature. When IT have to manually visit each computer in the building and copy/paste a new email signature design, however, they have a vested interest in convincing the marketing department not to request that change. You may encounter pushback from IT or stalling tactics.

Email signature software solutions make signature updates happen quickly for all.

Now, in the vast majority of cases, IT will be friendly and cooperative, but marketing may require several cycles of reviews before the email signature is approved. IT may not be ready for that and might become frustrated at the changes requested of them. These professionals are used to simply seeing a problem and then setting up its solution rather than having to go back to square one every time someone has a better idea.

Don’t forget that the end user will be hit by the inconvenience of doing signature updates manually. They don’t want to have to stop working just to copy/paste then customize an email signature template. It’s too much hassle for them. Software and services let you carry out convenient email signature updates in seconds.

As soon as you save your email signature template, every single user will have a design that matches. You simply click ‘Save’ and it’s done.

Change that email signature design as soon as you need to or set that template so names fit more consistently – inconvenience won’t be an obstacle again.

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