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Capture Data in Email Signatures with Software

It’s like the email signature channel was made for capturing data… at least, when you have software solutions. How many people clicked on that campaign banner you added? Which department were they in contact with? How did they behave on the landing page? Dedicated software or solutions let you capture data in email signatures and give you the same insights that you get from all of your other digital marketing.

Software or services can add a ‘custom variable’ to the end of every link in each user’s email signature. This could be unique to each member of staff or even an email recipient. So, when they click on a link in the email signature, you can see in Google Analytics exactly whose signature they clicked on, what they did when they reached that page and even what their email address is.

Create a dedicated campaign where you capture data in email signatures.

As you know who each department is in touch with, you can get marketing data on your email recipients. If the sales team’s emails generate more clicks than the account management’s, potential customers might be more engaged than current customers or even within a single team. You know which sales staff deal with which type of client, so maybe you could infer what the large organizations want and what the small firms don’t.

Now here’s where you customize that follow-up strategy. Software solutions can log when a contact clicks in your CRM or marketing automation system. You can even make a point of following up contacts who click a particular link. Ask that client if they want to try the product they clicked on, for example, or attend the event in the banner they saw. As you’ve linked up their identity with their interaction, you can have your staff act on their page visit in a timely, targeted, tactical manner.

Now we want to look at actually using the data to customize a landing page. Before we continue, we guess you know a page can be set to adjust itself based on the URL a visitor approaches from – for example, if it includes ‘/colour=?&blue', it might change its background to blue.

With email signature solutions, you can change the link in every signature based on the recipient’s email address. All the links in an email signature sent to you could have ‘/[email protected]’ at the end. Then, your CRM system can match that email address to a contact entry – a multinational could display regional phone numbers depending on the email contact’s location worldwide. See how great having the ability to capture data in email signatures can be?

Having the ability to capture data in email signatures will give your marketing a boost.

This is impossible with manual resources alone. Try editing every email signature by hand to add a long, illegible code, then multiply the size of that task by the number of links in the email signature. Even very small companies would have hundreds of links to embed.

By now, it should be clear that being able to capture data in email signatures is important and should be a key part of any marketing strategy.

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