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Cut Costs of Email Signature Updates

Inconvenience is costly. Inconsistency is costly. Ignorance is costly. Inflexibility is costly. Incapability is costly.

Dedicated solutions solve all of these issues and allow you to cut the cost of email signature updates at the same time. The time an IT admin might waste trotting from desk to desk with an email signature template to copy/paste is significant. With an instantly updating signature, they don’t even have to think about when or whether it changes as marketing will handle it. There’s no labor cost and email signature updates are instantly covered in a single mouse click.

That makes an email signature solution cheaper than labor. We’re talking about $5 per person – forever. That’s cheaper than even your lowest paid employee doing signature updates by hand. The time that you’ll have to spend on manually configuring email signature templates is far from free. This way, you dramatically cut the cost of email signature updates and save IT staff hours of their precious time.

You can cut the cost of email signature updates with third party tools.

Inconsistency costs you credibility. When the head of a whole division seemingly can’t spell their department’s name or the phone number in an email signature, the recipient wonder what it is your organization can get right!

You also can’t achieve anything through the email signature channel if you can’t control it. From the bungled spellings to the banner for a sale that’s long since ended, if one responsible team doesn’t have overall control over email signature management, all of the costs we mentioned will be more prevalent than ever. Where control is lost, costs are always found.

How Exclaimer Can Help:

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