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Create a Mobile Email Signature


By Exclaimer

Cut the email signature down to the bone

When it comes to a mobile email signature, less is definitely more. Imagine an important client is in their car, reads an email you’ve sent and wants to get in touch with you quickly. They doesn’t want to see or click on something like your fax number. They want to get in touch with you RIGHT NOW.

Remove any unnecessary information such as taglines on the environment or fancy HTML graphics so you get straight to the point.

Make your mobile email signature short and concise.

Contact details

You have to include your name in your email signature. It’s useful if a contact is just getting to know you, but it also helps clients when they forward your email on to someone else. So, don’t forget to include your name (you’d be surprised how many people do forget it!).

Then, you obviously need to include a phone number. Now, this is when you have to choose which number is best. If you only ever work in an office or one location, it makes sense to include a landline number. However, these days, your mobile number will be the quickest way for important contacts to get hold of you.

If you type your number in correctly, when someone taps on it using a smartphone, it will automatically call you. This is the case for most smartphones. Also, always remember to add your area code. This is particularly important if you are emailing people in different countries.

So, your email signature should now look as follows:

Remember all mobile email signature contact details.

The +44-area code denotes it is a UK-based one. Note that “mobile” has been placed next to the number, which helps contacts see this is the best way to get hold of you.

Email address

A lot of people wonder why they need to add their email address to their email signature. Why can’t the person you’ve emailed simply click “Reply” if they want to communicate with you?

Now, they can do that, but some clients may want to quickly create a new email with a different subject line. By adding your email address to your email signature, most mobile devices will turn it into a clickable link, making it easier for a recipient to create a new email.

If the link is not clickable, do the following:

  • Highlight the email address.
  • Copy it, then highlight it again.
  • Create a hyperlink and put “mailto:” in front of the email address.
  • Click OK to confirm the hyperlink.

Another reason to include your email address, hyperlinked or not, is that some email program add-ons will pull out someone’s contact information when it sees a name, phone number and email address grouped together. Other add-ons let the recipient copy such a grouping and add it to their contact list with a single click.

In other words, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have your email address in your signature.

Don't forget the email address in your mobile email signature.

Always take a few minutes to make sure that your default mobile email signature works perfectly. This will make it easier for people to reach you when you send them an email and you may end up starting to get more work from other clients.

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