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Plain Text Email Signature Examples


By Exclaimer

A plain text email signature, as the name suggest, is a signature that is made of just text with no imagery. It incorporates no HTML content and is relatively simple to create. At its most basic, a signature of this type includes personal information such as a name, job title, department, phone number and email address. Signatures can still be used for marketing communications, but there will be no specific brand elements or creative flare on display within a plain text email signature.

As there is little variation in design and they are simple to implement, there are not as many email signature templates found within this section.

Plain text signature with lots of information.
Plain text email signature templates will often look like this. They will include full contact information and an email disclaimer.
Email signature template with contact details for the sender and PA.
A plain text email signature example with the sender's details and contact details of their Personal Assistant.
Simple plain text email signature template.
This email signature template uses links on the phone numbers and the main web link. It is also ideal for a plain text mobile email signature.
Email signature template with email disclaimer.
Another email signature example with an email disclaimer, but laid out slightly differently.

At the end of the day, if you use a plain text email signature, you'll still want to make sure that it presents your organization in a favorable light.

You'll want to use web safe fonts, you'll want to test to see how the design looks on different devices, avoid using too much color and make sure your email disclaimer isn't too long. Just because you're not using HTML doesn't mean your signature should be sloppy-looking!

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