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Top 10 Email Signature Management Tips


By Exclaimer

  1. Distribute a standard email signature to all staff members and ensure they use it. Email signature management is as important as managing other aspects of your corporate brand.
    Give all users a uniform email signature.
  2. Regularly update any email signature marketing - stale promotional banners can have a negative effect. If an event or promo has finished, then it should not still be appearing in your email signature.
  3. Write a regular stream of social media content that is showcased in your business’ email signature such as a latest Tweet or blog article. If a post is left too long, it can make future updates invisible to recipients.
  4. Ensure the signature template works on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Test the design thoroughly before deploying it.
    Use email signature management to ensure your template works on mobile devices.
  5. Design a different internal signature design. This should be less detailed than your standard external email signature. Consider using different contact details like the user’s internal extension number and location in the office building if you work for a large organization.
    Use a different email signature design for internal signatures.
  6. Create a shorter reply signature to stop email conversations becoming flooded. Reduce the amount of dynamic content and remember that the content of the message is still the most important aspect of the email. You don’t want it getting overpowered!
    Use reply signatures so the design is not added to every email.
  7. Revisit and revise your signature when appropriate. Even if the design works now, it doesn’t mean that it will in the future. Email signature management is all about making improvements when required.
  8. Give each team a different email signature design. Give your sales team a signature that promotes a special offer or promotion. Give your technical support team a signature with their operating hours. Think about how each department can make the most out of the email signature channel.
    Email signature management tips for different departments.
  9. Keep up with changes in your company. Employees will come and go, job titles will change, qualifications will need to be added and awards will be won. These will change on a regular basis, so make sure you update email signatures often to ensure they remain accurate.
  10. Let Exclaimer dedicated email signature tools carry out email signature management tasks for you.

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