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Email Signatures as a Sales Tool


By Exclaimer

Turn an email signature as a sales tool

Every touch point that a sales representative has with a prospect is vital to not only educate them on the value proposition of your product or service, but also to build up the credibility of your company in their eyes.

Email signatures, which appear on every single corporate email (or should do!) are the ideal avenue to turn a sales prospect into revenue. There are three ways you can use an email signature as a sales tool:

Create the right marketing message

Marketing departments spend huge amounts of time and money creating content to support their products/services. However, getting this content into the hands of clients and prospects is often a challenge. By adding a simple call-to-action in every employee's email signature, marketers can ensure that their hard work is displayed in every corporate email automatically.

Measure and capture data

Every marketing campaign lives and dies on how successful it is. This means capturing analytics data to better understand what campaigns are driving the most traffic and converting prospects into sales opportunities. A prospect can engage with a ton of marketing content, but if you don't know what they are clicking on or what actions they are taking, you can't find out which of your marketing activities are most effective.

Using an email signature as a sales tool lets you integrate Google Analytics with your corporate signature, so a marketing department can find out what content resonates with an audience and how effective it is in getting sales prospects to engage with your brand.

Ensure your brand is consistent

Every email that is sent out by your company to a sales prospect provides an impression of your company. Let's face it, if you were sent an email that had an appalling email signature, would you think highly of the organization that sent it? You need to apply the same care to your email signature as you would do with every other aspect of your brand.

A professional email signature is designed to reflect a company's ethos and credibility. The best way to ensure an email signature remains professional is to make sure employees don't have a say in how it looks. Inserting inspirational quotes and ridiculous imagery only hurts the reputation of your brand and makes it harder for a sales representative to be seen as credible.

Using a corporate email signature as a sales tool marries everyday emails with interesting marketing content to produce qualified revenue opportunities. Instead of spending lots on other marketing channels, you can turn the humble email signature into a low-cost high-volume tool that is guaranteed to reach thousands of people a day.

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