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Email Signature Design by Exclaimer


By Exclaimer

Guest Article

Loryan Strant - Microsoft MVP - Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365 provides customers with two choices of signatures: select a pre-defined template or letting Exclaimer do your email signature design for you.

When Paradyne first signed up to use Signatures for Office 365, we opted for the former as our signatures were relatively simple. I’m sure you’ve seen many email signature designs by organisations that don’t really value the power of a good looking signature.

Before using Exclaimer, our signatures looked like this:

The original Paradyne email signature design.

The signature was largely text, of a minimal design and with a single image down the bottom. Simple enough, but not exactly well designed. It was also unique to Outlook only. Outlook on the Web (aka OWA) had a different signature which was primarily made of text, while my mobile signature was just a single line of text with my name and company only. Selecting a template within Signatures for Office 365 was quite easy as there are a number of different email signature designs to choose from:

Email signature templates in Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Office 365.

You’ll notice that the signature in the middle looks somewhat similar to what we ended up with:

The new email signature design created using Signatures for Office 365.

The key differences in our signature after applying the template were:

  • Colours.
  • Logo.
  • Banner.
  • Fields selected for display.

In December 2015, my company Paradyne was acquired by Generation-e and we had to change our signatures to reflect the new company. Generation-e already used Exclaimer – but an on-premises version. The Paradyne team wanted to keep using the Exclaimer Cloud service, so I attempted to design a version of their signature within Signatures for Office 365. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything that matched their signatures, and so I ended up with this:

Email signature design using a template in Signatures for Office 365.

As you saw in a prior screenshot – when selecting your template, you are presented with the option in Signatures for Office 365 to click on a box to engage directly with the Exclaimer team who will create your email signature design for you.

So my next step was to follow this process and provide an example of the design I wanted. I won’t go into the design process details as that is covered on this page:

The process took a couple of iterations, which were very fast. The design team sent me a file that I simply imported into the Exclaimer Cloud portal and what we ended up with was this:

Final email signature design

Somewhat simplistic yes, but it is a different layout to what we had before and would not have been possible using the available email signature templates. The Exclaimer design team were able to add a custom field to handle a profile photo which I believe makes all the difference when it comes to such a non-personal communication form such as email.

My advice for new Exclaimer customers, communications & marketing managers: go straight for the Email Signature Design Service. It’s a small cost, but it will make your signatures look amazing from the get go.

About Loryan Strant

Loryan Strant, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) MVP

Co-founder of Paradyne and the Cloud CTO for Generation-e, Australia’s leading provider of cloud services and unified communications, and a high profile Microsoft Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) MVP, Loryan Strant has over 20 years in the IT industry and has been at the forefront of Australian cloud deployments in major metropolitan areas.

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