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What Makes a Good Email Signature?


By Exclaimer

Many people think of an email signature as being an electronic, 21st-century business card. At its most basic, a good email signature includes personal information such as your name, job title, department and phone number. However, you can take things further and transform a basic email signature into a marketing communications channel for your business by including your company logo, brand elements, promotional banners, advertising slogans, social links and other dynamic content.

You can also put email signatures to effective use as an internal communications channel. Marketers instinctively think of external markets, but in large organizations, most emails are often sent between co-workers, so considering the role that signatures can play in these internal emails is important. A good email signature has a lot of potential for internal emailing and, in many cases, this is often not properly utilized by many companies.

Email signatures, then, aren’t just business cards for the electronic age. They can be an independent and valuable communications channel as our below infographic will show you.

What makes a good email signature? - by Exclaimer
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