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Animated GIFs in Email Signatures


By Exclaimer

Animated GIFs are becoming increasingly popular, they’re a great form of entertainment, and are also very useful for advertising. It’s no surprise that people want to use GIFs in their email signature. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with all email clients.

Why don’t animated GIFs work in email signatures?

When composing or reading emails in most Outlook clients, there is currently no support for animated GIF files, meaning the animation will not play. Instead, either the first frame of the animation will appear or the image will ‘break’, showing a red cross instead. In some cases, only the first frame of the GIF will show, and to see the animation you will have to open the email in a web browser.

Animated GIFs in email signatures will not render

Animated GIFs do not work in Outlook due to the functionality of the email editor. Outlook uses Microsoft Word to edit and display emails, and when emails are sent out, Word’s processor will render all animated GIFs as static images.

Email clients such as Gmail and Apple Mail do display animated GIFs; however, it is still best to avoid using animated GIFs in email signatures as it is not always guaranteed the animation will play.

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