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Using Quotes in Email Signatures

When you design an email signature, you need to decide on what you should and should not include. One mistake people often make is including quotes in email signatures. These quotes are usually intended to be inspirational, but are not always perceived that way by those who see it.

If you are thinking of using a quote in your signature, consider how the recipients of your emails may feel about it – is it really necessary?

Using inspirational quotes in email signatures may give off the wrong impression. The recipient may not agree with the quote and this could have an effect on their response to you.

A bad example of using quotes in email signatures

In our view, it is best to avoid using quotes in email signatures, unless the quote is in line with your company’s values and/or is representative of your brand. More often than not, adding an inspirational quote to a corporate signature will most likely go against your company’s brand guidelines and make you look unprofessional.

However, there are some types of quotes that are suitable for email signatures. For example, if your company has a tagline or a motto, such as in the signature below.

A good example of using quotes in email signatures

An inspirational quote isn’t the only thing you should probably leave out of your email signature. Find out what else in this article.

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