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Reply Email Signatures


By Exclaimer

It’s ultimately good practice to include a longer signature on your first email and then, in subsequent messages, to use a shorter reply email signature that includes just essential information i.e. name, company, phone number and website. The reply email signature, in essence, becomes a simplified form of your main signature.

Why is this necessary? Well, it can become very annoying if you’re involved in an email conversation and it gets flooded with email signatures. Sometimes, it can actually become difficult to actually read the message content because there is too much signature content to wade through. Having a separate reply email signature is much less intrusive in email chains.

What does a reply email signature look like?

A reply email signature will employ a simpler design than your main external signature. Its purpose is to not be overpowering, but still provide relevant contact information for recipients. Additional content such as promotional banners and social media links can still be used, but information such as an email disclaimer are not necessary.

Below is an example of a standard corporate email signature and what a reply version would like in comparison.

An example of a full email signature sent to external recipients. An example of a reply email signature.

As with the internal email signature, you should only include vital information in your reply email signature.

In Outlook and Gmail, you can set different signatures for replies/forwards within your Outlook client, but Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Exchange and G Suite do not have this capability. These two solutions only come with a disclaimer function that is designed for plain-text messaging such as an email disclaimer. For many organizations, this is when email signature management becomes problematic.

By choosing an Exclaimer email signature management solution, you’ll be able to design and deploy consistent signatures to all of your users and for all devices, including mobiles and Macs. You’ll easily be able to create a high-quality main signature and then an email signature reply that suit the needs of your business.

How Exclaimer Can Help:

If you're looking for an easy way to design and manage professional email signatures across your whole organization, we're here to help. Find out more or start your free trial today!

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