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Email Signature Design


By Exclaimer

An example of a professional email signature design

Are you struggling to build a new email signature design? Do you need some creative inspiration? Are you finding it difficult turning your ideas into reality?

A professional email signature design is often more difficult to get right than people think, taking a great deal of time and effort. It has to look visually appealing in different email clients and on mobile devices, include concise contact details, comply with disclaimer law and be consistent across an entire organization. No wonder so many struggle when it comes to creating the perfect email signature.

Whether you want something simple or want to include lots of information, there are different ways to make your email signature design look great. In this section, you will learn all about:

  • Creating professional email signatures that work.
  • Variations of email signature design.
  • Other top tips on layout, size, imagery and much more.
Making a professional email signature

Making a professional email signature

Professional email signature tips

Professional email signature tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 10 email signature design tips

Top 10 design tips

Email signature design mistakes

Top 5 common mistakes

Email signature photo tips

Top 7 photo image tips

What to leave out

Top 15 things NOT to include

Professional email signature

What makes a professional email signature?

Internal email signature

The internal email signature

Reply email signature

The reply email signature

Email signatures for different departments

Departmental email signatures

Email signatures & HTML images

HTML images in email signatures

Email signature photo images

Using email signature photos

Email signature size

Email signature size

Bad email signature designs

Terrible email signature designs

Email signature fonts

Email signature fonts

Personal email signatures

Personal email signatures

Logos in email signatures

Logos in email signatures

Email signature format

Email signature format

Can Exclaimer help me?

Combine static text with images and dynamic data to create a compelling email signature design. Create the perfect signature with logos, marketing banners, social media links and more. Easily apply different templates for different users/departments. Deploy any signature template to users in an instant from one central location. All this and more can be achieved when you choose an email signature management software solution by Exclaimer.

Find out how one of our multi-award winning solutions can change the way you control email signature design by clicking one of the links below:

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) signatures

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

G Suite signatures

G Suite

Exchange email signatures


Outlook signatures


How Exclaimer Can Help:

If you're looking for an easy way to design and manage professional email signatures across your whole organization, we're here to help. Find out more or start your free trial today!

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